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I have read a fairly large number of articles by a variety of ministries, claiming that the pandemic is sent by God as a punishment. Some have contacted me and repeated the claim. For what it is worth, I offer my personal view...

As a rule of thumb, when God sends a direct punishment He firstly forewarns people or nations, and He also tells them why He will punish them. Jesus did the same when He warned of the fall not just of the Temple, but of the nation.

God did the same through Noah, through Moses, and others. He even gave a warning to Adam and Eve, followed by the penalty.

From what I can see, the pandemic may (or may not) be linked to Chinese Marxist ploys to ruin the West... but the jury is out on that one. But, we CAN link it back to disgusting food hygiene in the Wuhan live food market! (That eating habits are also highly questionable is another matter).

We CAN trace it all back to Wuhan market, so that, at least, is a ‘given’.

But, I cannot agree that the pandemic was sent directly by God as a punishment, Simply because I see no warnings from God. Yes, we could manufacture such a link, but without specific prior warnings, it would be unwise to say it is a punishment directly from the hand of God.

However, what I DO think is that we have already started to enter the end times, because of so many indications. Christians should note two things – that Satan does not need to prompt people to commit sins, no matter how vile they are... we are very good at being sinful without his help. Also note that many evils we tend to say comes directly from God (or Satan), do not. To me, many disparate activities are taking place at the same time, based on the sin of mankind.

So, what is the current COVID-19 pandemic if not a direct punishment from God?

I see it as (a) the result of manmade errors, plus (b) something Satan will certainly use to prompt others to do wickedness, and (c) a serious trial allowed by God. I believe the Lord will allow the pandemic to run its course and people, including Christians, are being taught many lessons. But, I do not see it as a direct punishment. Really, the end results may be the same. But, we need far more proof to say it is a punishment direct from the hand of God. There has to be a straightforward warning from God first. Perhaps some will scratch their heads, but the theology MUST be right!

When lights go out in basements, rats come out to do their work.

And we are seeing this everywhere... U.S. Democrats (leftists/socialists) are wreaking havoc in the midst of the pandemic, making the most of the health crisis; in other countries socialists are scurrying to do the same; homosexuals are pushing for more and complaining bitterly that ‘trans’ stupidity is not in the news; They are also pushing to be blood donors and thus introducing potentially more cases of HIV to the public; Greens are also on the attack demanding the world adopt their lying agenda; Rome is letting its fake priests do all manner of evils that are likely to spread the virus more; Islam is yelling from its minarets, demanding more say in the West, and screaming (it seems they don’t know how to just talk) that Trump invented and spread the virus (!!), the EU is making things worse by bringing in even more Muslim migrants; Muslims refuse to obey social distancing and even keep mosques open, as they do in India and other places, yet in Indonesia soldiers are told to shoot dead anyone who does not obey distancing and isolation! We are also witnessing the gross demonic evils of (mainly Muslim/leftist) countries wanting to let virus victims die. All of these (and much more) shows me that the pandemic, aided by over-zealous government controls, is being used to implement evils that are greater than the virus itself.

As for the way the UK is operating – I still think the government is being given semi-dud advice. Why? Because the figures and facts do not add up when compared to the demands.

As I have said before, and as a variety of scientific and medical sources agree, until we have all the facts before us no-one can accurately predict what will happen. Right now they rely mainly on computer models (whose accuracy is not known) and on fire-fighting... actually treating cases on the ground. Other voices (including my own) believe the current draconian measures are over the top. There are ways to offer more hope by constructing more detailed policies. As an ex-policy writer I know this to be true. I gave two examples recently of ways to modify the repressive measures now in practice, allowing more freedom of movement, and also freedom to do business.

Even so, whilst policies are repressive I do not advocate breaking the rules. This is because they are not godless and are not attacking God’s word or people. Stopping church meetings is sensible and does not affect our relationship to fellow believers nor our relationship to the Lord.

So, by all means question and debate what is happening, but don’t break the law.

I strongly believe that the approach to this virus is unprecedented in modern history, and that ‘something else’ is behind the measures being taken. It is possibly to do with one world
government, but even this is an educated guess (because Soros is busy behind the scenes) that is probably right, but cannot yet be proved.

Anyway, it seems the Lord is allowing us to suffer the virus measures (the virus itself is not that destructive compared to others) and causing most of us to reflect and change. In  itself I see it as a phenomenon caused by people, not a divine punishment. However, at some time soon, God might inflict us with an actual punishment if Christians don’t start to obey Him. When we see global warnings (real ones, not ones perceived to exist) we can expect actual punishments.

That is my view so far.

© 8 April 2020

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