Persecution of Christians
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We delighted to hear that Christian Concern (27 May 2015) have succeeded in winning a reprieve for two Christian street preachers one in Basildon and the other in Hereford who were falsely accused of 'homophobic and offensive language or comments'.

Yes, thank God for these victories... but do not expect it to continue.

Homosexuals will continue to press their 'complaints' so that judges and police are awash with them. It is all part of their evil agenda. Government will seal all bolt-holes so that there will be no escape (see the Queen's Speech 2015 Extremism Bill and the revised Prevent Strategy). Police, too, will be given even more wicked guidelines.

It will all hinge on the other person 'feeling' something is a hate crime!!!

No actual crime committed – just a 'feeling' of offence. This is a step back to Medieval times and is a definite sin against God and His people. We warned against voting for ANY of the parties – but Christians thought they knew better. Now they have MPs who are out to do them immense harm. God is bringing us penalties for our laxity thus far; only true repentance and a change of heart will remove them and bring God's justice back to the fore.