Persecution of Christians
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Update 8 September 2015: Kim Davis has been released from jail, but it is not clear that the battle is over. (BBC, 8 September 2015),  (Culture Watch, 9 September 2015)

Please sign the petition and any others you can find in support of Kim Davis, a Kentucky County Court Clerk who has been given one year prison sentence for refusing to issue marriage certificates to queers and other degenerates. Kim Davis was also upholding the laws of Kentucky and doing her job. 

You can see here the stereotypical hissies, tantrums and mob mentality that any of us who oppose the gaystapo experience: 

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Marriage is not a subjective affair, existing solely in the mind or imagination. It is an objective reality that never changes. It is God's creating the total union of one man and one women which no man may break asunder - for the primary purpose of continuing what He had initiated: Creation. God could have created the women from the man simply for companionship and left it at that. But he so designed them that they would cleave to one another and become one flesh and from that union produce the next generation.

Same-sex marriage is a simulacrum that exists only in the minds of gays but it does not exist in reality. The gay lobby made a huge noise about how much they wanted marriage, enabling Cameron to steam roller same- sex marriage through Parliament in 2013. The campaign Out4Marriage had MPs, Peers, clergy and celebrities were falling over themselves to say how much they were out for marriage and that we were on the brink of an avalanche of gay men and women who were going to rush to altar [1]

But according to Office of National Statistics, since March 2014 when SSM became legalised, only 0.3% of the gay population, or 0.005% of the UK population have entered SSM1400 same sex marriages. What the gays want is not marriage but to destroy it and gain access to a prize commodity - children.

What we are dealing with here is a section of society who are seriously deluded and who have been allowed to redefine reality. In the name of equality we too have the right to redefine it. Let's have a level playing field. There was a case of two lesbians in South Africa who demanded that a little boy call one of them "daddy." Now because the child would not play their game they killed him [2] Now we are not toddlers but grown adults. Therefore when these odd couples, bisexuals and transsexuals come and ask us for cakes, bed and breakfasts, in fact all our goods and services, including our children, we humour them and hand over pretend cakes, double beds and children etc. – photographs, or simply pieces of paper with the word, "cake" or "double bed" written on them - but never ever real children or double beds.

Homosexuality is no more real than those who think they are dogs [3], or the Wizard of Oz [4].

All who consider themselves to be homosexuals are dangerous. If they want to be air stewards OK but never let them take control of a real plane full of real passengers [5]

[1] Richard Branson puts on record his support for Gay Marriage 


[3] Deleted as obscene


[5] I) 


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Pray for the protection of Kim Davis.