Persecution of Christians
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More offerings from 'The Religion of Peace'. Those foolish Christians who promote the blasphemous, idolatrous abomination of 'Chrislam' (making themselves no better than those of Ancient Israel who bowed the knee to Baal), and read the Qu'ran from the pulpit should take note.

This excerpt is from The Examiner, and can be read in full here

The country of Nigeria in Africa is composed of 36 states. Its population of more than 158.2 million people is divided almost equally between Christians in the southern and central states and Muslims in the north. A small percentage follow other religions, and some of them have incorporated Christian symbols into their Africanized churches.

Since the introduction of Sharia in some of the Northern states, tensions have increased.

Kaduna state, founded by the British in 1913, lies in the North Central area of Nigeria. Its capital city of the same name is segregated with Muslims living in the north of the city and Christians in the south.

Christian communities in Kaduna, Nigeria, have long enjoyed the ability to worship peacefully at their churches up until recently. On November 3, 2011, and all of sudden, gunfire broke out from a muslim group hiding in nearby bushes upon St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Twelve people were wounded, and two young women were killed.

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