Persecution of Christians
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No doubt some readers are sick to death reading our warnings about Islam.

Please remember that while you are 'sick to death', others are being hacked to death!

Christians are being systematically targeted and murdered by Muslims.

"The widow of a Tanzanian pastor stabbed to death by Islamist militants says she forgives his killers. Generosa Kachila's husband, Mathayo, was attacked by a mob angry at the large numbers of people choosing to convert from Islam to Christianity.

She said: "They said, this one is a pastor. So they caught him and pulled him into a nearby ruined house.

"And then they started cutting him with machetes. They were commanded by the Sheikh of their area that they should look for all the pastors." (Premier, 27 October 2015).

Note that the pastor's wife says she forgives the murderers Sadly, she is mistaken... not even God forgives a murderer who does not repent!!

We advise yet again – ONLY the one offended (in this case the one murdered) can forgive... and ONLY when the perpetrator ASKS to be forgiven after repenting of his sin.

Obviously, the pastor was killed – so he cannot forgive. The wife has no authority to forgive an evil against her husband. Unfortunately, many Christians are caught out by this kind of false 'forgiveness'... an action undertaken by someone who is in an emotional state.

It therefore remains – that Islamic (and any) murderers must be put to death. Even if they repent and are forgiven by those they harm, if they kill they must be put to death.

This is God's law.

Only those who do not know doctrine can say otherwise.