Persecution of Christians
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Satan will use ANY means to trap Christians! His latest ploy is to use the foul murders of Muslims in New Zealand (NZ). How many of those people who identify as ‘Christians’ are real believers we cannot tell, but they inflict great damage on Christian witness by what they are doing.

“Members of other faiths have been welcoming Muslims and those affected into their own places of worship, including St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, amid security concerns at mosques around the world. In New Zealand, the Jewish community will reportedly close its synagogues on the Sabbath for the first time as people have received warning to stay away from mosques in the aftermath of the deadly attack.”

As part of this unholy alliance, an UK forum that encourages Christian-Muslim engagement has “urged Christians to attend prayers at mosques instead”!

Almost half a million NZ dollars have been collected to give to victims’ families, and people, including ‘Christians’, are holding vigils and sending flowers to mosques. I do not see them holding vigils for the thousands of Christians killed by Islamists every year!

Now plot this onto the scene...

It is right for Christians to be repulsed by ANY murder, whether singular or mass. In our view thus revulsion should be for people murdered, NOT for Muslims murdered.

Can you see the difference? Do not make Islam special.

Christians who enter mosques to pray are acting wrongly, sinfully, and harm Christian witness by doing so. By doing this they bow down to Satan in his own house. Mosques are the dwelling places of Satan’s envoys – Allah and Mohammed. Many mosques throughout the world teach hatred against non-Muslims and even against Muslims who do not agree with their brand of false religion. Many mosques carry caches of firearms and preach hatred.

Throughout the world Muslims openly express hatred for Christians, and there are daily murderous attacks on them. It could be argued that showing ‘love’ towards them at this time is only human and it might help Muslims to reciprocate. This is NOT the way to go about it, nor is there reciprocation – rather, it proves to Muslims that Christians really are subdued and Islam is dominant! Christians do NOT go to Satan’s den... if Muslims wish to be ‘loved’ they must leave their false religion and go see Christians. It is not possible for Christians to show ‘love’ to a whole group like Islam. One can only show love personally to another person one knows or who shows a willingness to know this true love. Anything else is just subjective emotionalism; it isn’t real. Nor is it godly.

Islam and Christian faith are extreme opposites. Indeed, Islam is as removed from Christian faith as the East is from the West. They cannot and do not meet. So, what is this fake ‘love’ being shown by Christians for Muslims they do not know? Condemn murder yes... but do not condone what Christians are doing now. None of us knows what the Muslims in that mosque think of our one true God. It is very likely, given the Koran, that they loathe westerners and Christians, or at the very least vow never to assimilate with their host country (unless they want something).

Sympathy is Misplaced Universally

There is so much to say about this matter, but sufficient for now. We should not sympathise with Muslim families in the gushing way it is shown right now. Islam teaches intolerance towards followers of Christ. They kill Christians every day. Where is genuine sympathy for fellow believers? Islam is the greatest modern threat to all of mankind, but Christians who think they can merge interests are denying this fact, and making matters even worse. They are playing into Satan’s hands, and while they show sympathy for murdered Muslims, very few Muslims (or supposed ‘Christians’) show sympathy for Christians who are murdered.

I repeat – go to the books of Kings and see what GOD thinks of Islam. Islam itself is an invented religious military regime, but its roots are in the many pagan gods that were devised centuries before. Allah is NOT our God, but is opposed to Him: the fake god Allah does not live, whereas the true God of scripture is alive and rules. Our God warned and commanded against pagan gods and their followers in Israel. Their worship places were to be cut down and burnt, and their worshippers were to be cast out of Israel, such was God’s hatred for them. Today? We welcome pagans and vaunt them so they are held in esteem. Is this godly? Of course not!

So – by all means speak out against ALL murders, but also speak out even louder against Islamic repression, oppression, and continual murders of Christians by Muslims. The New Zealand murders would probably not have occurred if western governments understood the fear in westerners caused by Islamic wickedness. This does not excuse murder, but it explains how it came about.

Warnings Go Unheeded

We, and others, have warned for ten years that the rise of vigilante groups are inevitable if Islam is allowed its head with no-go areas and open hatred for host countries, and host countries do not recognise the powder-keg mentality of jihadists. This might even lead to civil war (which is what jihadists want). And most of the harm done to the West comes from people previously known to be ‘moderate’, so no-one really knows who will be the next Muslim mass killer.

Can you see the grave problem? When police appear to favour Islam (and oddly, homosexuals), because governments tell them to crack down on dissidents, there is bound to be a back-lash by ordinary citizens who fear what sharia means... and rightly so. Western leaders continue to screw-down the lid, but this only makes a future explosion of anger more inevitable.

I know that counter-terrorism police claim these kinds of statement make matters worse by ‘feeding’ fears. (See our articles on this fallacy). This is very wrong. I am merely observing what is happening and saying what I know is ‘on the streets’ and in people’s minds. I do not need to ‘feed’ these fears – they already exist, but governments ignore them. Nor do I wish to feed fears. I would love to remain silent – but I can see what is going on and must be truthful.

At the same time I must also warn Christians against sympathising with Islam in any way. It is a fake religion out to do us great harm. Whether this is by violence or suppression of our beliefs, we cannot support Islam. Islam is the root of anti-Christian murders throughout the world (not just of forty people, once, but many thousands annually) and we see the same hatred in the West. And Islam offends Almighty God.

We could say much more, but it does no good. Police and government loathe Christians and vaunt Islam. Thus, they prefer Islamic jihad to genuine Christian peace. That is the sordid truth. Do not go overboard with sympathy for New Zealand. Instead, pray that the Islamic tsunami is stopped by God.