Persecution of Christians
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Philip Lardner stood for parliament as a Conservative. David Cameron, who prefers homosexuals to Christians, ousted Mr Lardner from the party. This he did in obedience to the gay activists, because he has no mind of his own. Whatever gays want, Cameron gives without question.  

The Scottish Presbyterian ‘church’ then refused to back Mr Lardner, because he said he would support any parent who believe their children should NOT be taught homosexuality is normal. The Presbyterians said they had voted to support gay pastors and their partners instead! Mr Lardner has also been suspended from his teaching job, because of his Christian views.

In other words, if you are homosexual, and thus live a life of sexual immorality, you are welcome anywhere, even in the churches, but if you cannot accept homosexuality as valid, you will lose everything. So much for ‘democracy’ and freedom of speech! Friends – in Britain such freedoms have been taken away, and Tories will only add to that fascism.

Let it be known that the Scottish Presbyterians are tempting God in this matter and should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves! They are not acting as Christians and, according to God’s word, we must therefore treat them as unbelievers. This is our formal position as a ministry – whether others do it or not, we now shun the Presbyterian church in Scotland, it being wickedly in support of things God condemns outright. And we support Mr Lardner 100% for his courageous stand against evil.

We urge all readers to show their support, and to condemn the position of this highly errant and heretical ‘church’ in Scotland. The following information comes from Christian Raymond Stewart; it shows the extent to which this church body has fallen into grave sin, as it sides with everything that is against God’s truth. It also shows how the Tories are willing to despise and criminalize Christians who hold to their own mind and views. See how Cameron does not have his own mind but must obey what gay activists tell him to do.

Election aftermath in Scotland

Candidate Philip Lardner was ousted from the Conservative Party when comments posted on his website were brought to he attention of David Cameron by the LGBT lobby.

Philip Lardner wrote:

"With experience as a teacher and as a believer in parental rights and responsibilities, as your MP I will support the rights of parents and teachers to refuse to have their children taught that homosexuality is ‘normal’ behaviour or an equal lifestyle choice to traditional marriage.

I will always support the rights of homosexuals to be treated within concepts of (common sense) equality and respect, and defend their rights to choose to live the way they want in private, but I will not accept that their behaviour is ‘normal’ or encourage children to indulge in it.

The promotion of homosexuality by public bodies (as per ‘clause 28/section 2a in Scotland,) was correctly outlawed by Mrs Thatcher’s government.  Toleration and understanding is one thing, but state-promotion of homosexuality is quite another.

Why should Christian churches be forced by the Government to employ homosexuals as ‘ministers’ against all that the bible teaches?  They are being forced by the Government to betray their mission – would the Equality and Human Rights Commission be fined for refusing a job to Nick Griffin?"

All this occurred too late to select a new candidate and to change the ballot paper that listed Philip as a Tory.  Philip based his campaign on promoting family values stating that if elected he would sit as an independent.  He found that he had significant support and received 7,212 votes, 15% of the total vote, coming in a respectable third. (Ed. this proves that Cameron is not going to listen to the public, but only to gays).

Philip was also suspended from his job as a primary school teacher and was summoned to appear before Renfrewshire Council on Tuesday, 25th May for a “fact-finding” meeting.  The Presbytery of Ardrossan Church of Scotland was approached for support.  The Presbytery Clerk, Dr Johnston McKay, replied, "Some of us remain silent because we were appalled at the stance taken and wish no support for him".  When questions were raised as to whether this was the position of the presbytery, the clerk responded, "The Presbytery of Ardrossan has voted by a fairly large majority to support ministers in same sex civil partnerships being ordained and continuing in the ministry" [Ed: This is part of the currently on-going consultation process, due to be reported on at the General Assembly, 2011].  "The Presbytery has also voted by a lightly less majority to support those in long-term relationships of same sex being ordained and continuing in ministry. It follows quite clearly from that that the expressed view of Philip Lardner are unacceptable to the Presbytery."  Two ministers reported that the specific subject of Mr Lardner was not raised at the presbytery.
Local Christians and others are hoping to raise the matter to the fore.

Whilst there has been little commemoration of the 450th anniversary of the Reformation in Scotland, the Presbytery of Ayr had an event on Saturday, 29th May.  This commenced with a visit to the Covenanter site at Airds Moss near Muirkirk, followed by a visit to the Peden memorial in Cumnock and finished with a conventicle at St John's Tower in Ayr were a largely historical sermon on the Reformation was preached by James Crichton.  A solitary protester was present outside this last event witnessing to the hypocrisy of a denomination now in alliance with the very organisations that the Reformers fought against.

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