Persecution of Christians
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‘A judge has ruled that a Christian-run bakery discriminated against a gay customer by refusing to make a cake with a pro-gay marriage slogan.

Asher’s Baking Company, based in County Antrim, was taken to court by [sodomite activist] Gareth Lee…. A Belfast judge said, as a business, Ashers was not exempt from discrimination law and they have had to pay damages of £500’ [1].

By creating this hoax, counterfeit “gay marriage,” the British government have legalised something that exists only in the minds of the deluded and which, to judge by the number of gay punters, they think it a delusion also. Only 2800 individuals (1400 couples) out of a possible 6- 900,000 queers have “tied the knot” since March 2014. This equates to 0.3% of the gay population compared to 39% of the British population who are married and who have now had their marriages degraded, or sodomised. This has nothing to do with marriage but everything to do with celebrating an abominable act - a dirty, filthy and detestable habit.

The fact of the matter is that a tradesman is being forced to make a product that he is ill – equipped to produce: a waste product. Ashers produce pure, Christian cakes not ones with offensive messages written on them. After the Sodomites, who else will be turning up on Ashers’ door steps? Perhaps those who want to celebrate adultery, Satanism, transsexuality, paedophilia, necrophilia, zoophilia, polyamory, incest polygamy and Islam will also want their slice of the cake?



What if a Muslim were to demand of a Christian Butcher that he produce a piece of Halal meat, involving a Mullah praying over the animal whilst its throat is slit? What about the rights of the Christian Butcher to protect his faith? This is what we call in the trade dhimmitude [2]. We would call it a form of racism to allow one ethnic minority to force their values and morality onto another; and so it is in this case. And since the gays claim they were born gay, they are creating a form of apartheid, whereby they intend to shut down, one by one any born again, Christian minority.

Dhimmitude represents a servile behaviour dictated by fear (terrorism), when threatened by Islam. By subservience to Sharia law we are given protection for our life, belongings and religion, just as long as we accept that Muslim human rights trump everyone else’s. We have to accept as a price for this protection- a condition of inferiority, spoliation and humiliation. In court cases our word against a Muslim stands for nothing. Non-Muslims, or dhimmis, are allowed to retain their religious beliefs, just as long as they keep their faith out of the public domain.




Referring to the Ashers, clearly Mr Gareth Lee could have gone to any number of bakers to get his cake. But in this instance it was not the cake he wanted, it was the bakery. This is in the trade is called sodhimmitude.

Sodhimmitude represents a servile behaviour dictated by fear (terrorism), when threatened by Stonewall and the gay dominated Equality and Human Rights Commission. By subservience to Pink law we are given protections, just as long as we accept that Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transsexual human rights trump those everyone else – especially children. We have to accept as a price for this protection- a condition of inferiority, spoliation and humiliation. In court cases our word against a Queer stands for nothing and our children are put up for adoption, Queers get first choice [4]. Christian foster parents like Mr and Mrs Owen and Eunice Johns who in addition to raising their own family have raised many foster children were, because of their Christian faith, deemed an infection by lesbian QC, Karon Monaghan, working on behalf of the Equality and Human Rights Commission and the Derby City Council Social Services [5].

Sodhimmitude refers to straight Mr and Mrs Bull of Chymorvah B&B, in Cornwall, being allowed to retain their religious beliefs just as long they keep them out of site, at the bottom of the garden.

When Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall turned up on Mr and Mrs Bull’s B&B, they had access to hundreds of B&Bs in Cornwall, but it was not a double bed they wanted from Mr and Mrs Bull; it was their home and very life. [6]

The Queer High Court Judge, Sir Adrian Fulford, boasted to Pink News that “Pink Law (sodhimmitude) will not be an anomaly but rather the shape of things to come” [7].

Peter Tatchell has also boasted, “There are no borders or boundaries when it comes to Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender human rights. No nationality, no culture, no belief system can stand in the way of the historic quest for LGBT freedom,”

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, whilst speaking at an event hosted by Stonewall, spoke about how incredibly proud that she and the Home Office were, to have come top of 2010’s Stonewall Workplace Equality Index:

"I think that shows how far we, as a society, we have come…..As a country we have come a long way….as a party, my own party, the Conservatives have come a long way. We now have more openly gay MPs and openly gay ministers than ever before ….We've come a long way……despite the real progress we have seen in recent years, there is much still to do….despite the real progress we have seen in recent years, there is much still to do…..And we will go further…We are committed to taking action to tear down these barriers….”

The same serving of notice of intent to prosecute war on the family was proudly repeated recently by the present Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan (who also professes to be a Christian), when addressing Stonewall:

“…. the contribution of LGBT people….. incredible role models….I'm proud …..truly momentous strides…..some of the proudest achievements of this government ….. a measure of just how far we have come…. significant strides... So there is still a lot of work to be done….. we need to make more progress…”



[6] i)




May I therefore make a recommendation, so as to stand in solidarity with the Ashers, the Bulls and hundreds of others who are being removed from the market place, if not in body but in soul and spirit?

Robin Allen QC, who represented the Equality Commission in court, said if a bakery run by a gay man refused to ice a cake saying support opposite-sex marriage it would be equally unlawful.

“It does prove the point that there is not a hierarchy of rights, it is just that they broke the law.”

Let us take up his offer.

Could we not throughout the UK find not only a gay baker, but any High Street distributor, such as Waitrose and simply order a cake with the words, “Marriage is only between 1 man and 1 woman,” or, “Having both a father and mother is a child’s right.”

Tesco is threatening to withdraw Ashers Bakery products from their stores in Northern Ireland [8]. They say they haven’t withdrawn anything from the shelves, not yet anyway, but they are going to “discuss it with Ashers”. It sounds ominous, if it’s business as usual, what do they need to discuss?

Gay activists are already at work with a petition to persuade Tesco to remove Ashers products [9]

We need a counter-petition to persuade Tesco to keep them. Is anyone interested in setting one up? (Here is one

If Stonewall are allowed to produce T- shirts with the slogan “Some People are Gay. Get Over It!” [10] why are we not permitted to wear T Shirts with the slogan “Ex- Gay, Post Gay. Get over it!” in order to stand in solidarity with Christian counsellors who help people with unwanted homosexual desires?

Such slogans may be banned on buses but no one said anything about wearing them on our bodies [11]

Christian schools, home schooling, teachers, scouts, lawyers, magistrates, policemen, firemen, doctors, nurses, housing officers, MPs tinkers, tailors, soldiers and sailors are all threatened with Gaylam. Indeed Islam and Stonewall are combining to sweep Christians out of Britain. This is proved with the recent case of the Christian Preacher, Mike Overd being fined by a Sharia Judge and ordered not to repeat certain passages from the Bible that condemn sodomy [12]. Judge Shamim Ahmed Qureshi is doing nothing more than what Sir Ian McKellen boasts of, which is to rip passages out of the Bible that offend him [13].

It is time that we all stood four square against the Gaylamstapo, for they will not stop here but continue to oppress us as long as we allow them to do so, until the day comes when you will want the services of a Christian lawyer, teacher, pastor, doctor and even cake maker and you will discover that they have been completely removed from a civilised society.

We must therefore stand together or we will fall together. Remember the American War of Independence started with the Boston tea party. Let us make this into a tea and cake party and see where it ends.






[13] IAN MCKELLEN  (Slide to 1 minute 55 seconds)

© 27 May 2015

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