Persecution of Christians
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On the issue of Sam Allberry and Living Out’s infiltration into churches, what is becoming very evident to me is that the vast majority churches, perhaps all except for a tiny minority, are defenceless against his campaign to normalise homosexuality.

Whenever I have raised the issue with highly respected pastors, renowned for their biblical scholarship and teaching, suddenly the atmosphere grows decidedly artic and I am accused of having an unhealthy obsession.

I admit I do have an obsession with lost souls caught in bondage to filthy, detestable and abominable sexual attractions, not only of homosexuality, but paedophilia, incest, bestiality, adultery, pornography and abortion. I am obsessed with the fact that these issues are not discussed in the church out of a misplaced desire to be sensitive to those sitting in the pews who are up to their necks in such sins. One female wannabee pastor rounded on me over a decade ago, apparently for my lack of sensitivity by saying, “Don’t you realise we have people in the church with problems!”

It appears there is no one in the church who is either qualified or allowed lead those trapped in such slavery to a counsellor and ultimately to Jesus Christ who frees us from the penalty and power of all sin. I am also a tad obsessed with church leaders who are content to see children being groomed on an industrial scale by the Department of Education into accepting homosexuality as normal, natural and healthy and do nothing to warn parents to protect their children from sexual predators who come in all shapes, sizes and rainbow colours.

What is becoming evident is that though these pastors have reputations for great theological knowledge, able to answer any doctrinal question thrown at them, are proud of their voluminous tape ministries, they are woefully ignorant of the world around them, preferring to remain in their comfort zones of “ just preaching the gospel”, doing charitable works, peddling their message that Jesus loves everyone and avoiding like the plague any controversial and politically incorrect involvement with local or national government that will threaten their charitable status.

Having swallowed gay propaganda that gays are born the way they are, that they are the most oppressed minority group in society, that 10% of the population are gay and that some gay relationships are stunning, - indeed more so than most straight ones , they become extremely hostile and accuse anyone like myself, who claims that homosexuality is the greatest threat to civilisation, of being obsessional, judgemental, tunnel – visioned, and of being a narrow - minded homophobic bigot. Being able to level this accusation at anyone is perhaps the greatest weapon in the arsenal of gay liberation front because it results in a frightening list of negative consequences for those accused of such a crime. Indeed it is worse than being found guilty of mass murder.

What is most disturbing is the ignorance of these church leaders who, though they might be able to tell you how in 605 BC king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia deported king Jehoiakim, including Daniel, in the first wave of Judeans to Babylonia, they are so steeped in the past that they are almost totally ignorant of modern history and the rise of Marxism and how, ever since 1791, during the French Revolution, and the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and the sexual revolution of 1960s, homosexuality was decriminalised and has been used as the weapon of choice to deconstruct and dismantle marriage, the family, the church and the nation.

From being nice to homosexuals, to allowing them leadership in the church, to allowing them to bring their adopted children or children produced through IVF and surrogacy to act as human shields into the very bosom of the church, it is but a hop, step and jump into flying the rainbow flag outside the church building, to marching arm in arm with sadomasochists, sex workers, paedophiles, transvestites, transsexuals and perverts of every shade and hue in gay pride parades to finally becoming the very spearhead of the gay liberation front itself.

I would recommend that if anyone is concerned about helping those caught up in homosexuality and related issues then contact Mike Davidson of Core Issues Trust on

Further reading

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