Persecution of Christians
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Tony Miano was arrested by the Police for preaching the gospel and for being a Christian on Monday 1st July 2013 in Wimbledon. His testimony of what happened, his line of questioning by the Police and his subsequent release without charge, shows yet again the intolerance of the authorities to the preaching of the gospel in the UK and anything relating to the sin of homosexuality.

Politicians in both houses of parliament recently brushed aside, the overwhelming evidence of the cold winds of fear of reprisals that members of the public have already experienced for holding an opposing view to Same-Sex Marriage and homosexuality as acceptable behaviour.

Christian Concern represented Tony Miano and have publsihed a formal press release providing further details and video evidence of the alleged breach of the Public Order Act Section 5. It does not matter that Tony Miano was let go without charge. Preaching was stopped, freedom of speech was suppressed, a line of interrogation by the police was followed that challenged the right of a person in the UK to manifest their religion in public and the general thrust of the police was to intimidate and create fear and intimidation in the preacher by the unjustified use of police powers.

The storm clouds of end time persecution for Christians are already here and are darkening. What the general British public and many Christians forget or choose to ignore is that the suppression of the preaching of the gospel and the truth of the word of God in the UK, will suppress the freedom of every citizen in the UK as all will have to comply with current trend of legally enforced political correctness.

Now is the time to stand up and fight for the right to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to declare and remind politicians of the truth and law of the word of God, which is for the good of all mankind.