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WHY are so many of you voting for Clinton?

Her crimes have been known for years.

Her treasonous behaviour caused people to lose their lives.

A large number who opposed her have been mysteriously found dead.

She has boosted her support by using names of thousands of dead people.

She is a constant pathological liar and deceiver.

She receives millions of dollars from terror nations.

If you vote for her it means YOU are as corrupt as she is, and you WANT corruption to continue. This is repulsive and, just as Hitler was
felled by good, so you and she will be felled by truth and a turning back to decency.

That you don’t want decency and good tells us a lot about YOU.

SHAME on you if you vote for her in a few days’ time.

If you DO vote for her, I pray God will show you His displeasure! The USA is ALREADY on its knees because of Obama, and it will fall completely under Clinton.

This is NOT a call to vote for Trump (though he is far better than she is), but a call for you NOT to vote for Clinton, one of the most foul people on the planet.

If she gets in, you will no doubt enjoy the resultant fascist rule... until she comes after YOU, too. As the saying goes – BE VERY AFRAID.