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The BBC are asking for video questions to ask the politicians in the run up to the General Election 2015. You can get full details here on #BBCAskThis.

Here is our first contribution to the General Election 2015 debate asking Mr Cameron the rhetorical question on why Christians should vote for the Conservative party. It is clear that a true Christian cannot vote for any of the major political parties as they all want to advance homosexual rights, gay marriage worldwide, homosexualise our children and UK society and censor the Bible.

We would encourage all Christians to submit a video question on marriage and the other perverse legislation introduced in the last 5 years and the proposals in each party's manifestos to sodomise the UK and world.

Here is the transcript of the question:

"Prime Minister, why should the 33 Million Christians in this country

and others vote for you and your Conservative party when,

without a mandate from the British people,

you made it your personal mission

to destroy the true meaning of marriage, as a lifelong commitment between a man and a woman?"