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Jehoiachin must have thought his boat had come in. After 37 years in the dungeons of Babylon, the new king, Evilmerodach, son of Nebuchadnezzar, thought it was time for the captured Jewish king to see daylight again. Of course, Jehoiachin was delighted and accepted his place in the throne room of Babylon, where other vassal kings had their thrones. However, Jehoiachin’s throne was elevated higher than the thrones of the other vassal kings... but, lower than the throne of the king of Babylon. His ‘elevation’ then, was just an illusion.

So, the Jewish king was free, but not free, thought well of, but still a vassal. Like the other vassals he was given fine clothes and great food all the days of his life. But, a vassal was still a vassal. His freedom was only ‘freedom’ within Babylon, so long as he did as he was told and did not complain against Evilmerodach.

This Babylonian king didn’t last long, though – just two years. His father, the warlord of neo-Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, did not tolerate criticism or rebellion against his rule. When he finally came to Jerusalem it was to utterly destroy it. The Jews needed a jolly good lesson in obedience! He burnt down the houses, the Temple and the palace – not that there were many people left by that time – and had the very walls pulled apart. He had everyone of note (who were put there as his sycophants; sycophants don’t last that long because they are despised) taken to him at Rimlah, where they were put to death. Then, he put another puppet in charge of Jerusalem, the Jew, Gedaliah, whose grandfather had once been Josiah’s scribe. Only a few very poor peasants remained. (See our Bible study for more details).

These last days of Judah and the pathetic end of its king, Jehoiachin, was not unique. Before the neo-Babylonian empire there were the Egyptians, the Assyrians, the Kassites, the Elamites. All bore claim to being ‘the greatest’. After Babylon there came the dynasties of Achaemenid, Seleucid, the Parthians and the Romans. In other words, dynasties come and go, some more vicious than the others.

God used Nebuchadnezzar to destroy Judah, Jerusalem, and even His own Temple, which He had renounced because of the wickedness of the kings of Judah. Israel had already been destroyed. Jehoiachin was not even a vassal; he was now a mere adornment to the palace of the king of Babylon, of no consequence and of no use whatsoever to old Judah. Learn this lesson well!

The reason he was now in such a pathetic state was NOT the greater power of Babylon, but the wickedness of Judah and most of its kings. It was God Who sent Nebuchadnezzar against Jerusalem. If the king and Judah were of God, this would not have happened and the free Israel would have remained free.

Jehoiachin, looking back at us through the millennia since his capture and death is telling us this about the EU; his words are simple:

“I forgot God and turned the people of God against Him. I did not repent as God required, and so He at last turned His face against us, and told us exactly what was to happen. And it did. I languished in that Babylonian dungeon for countless years. Then, when I thought I would die there, the new king brought me out and gave me whatever I needed, in a way that befitted a former king.

But, that’s all I was – a former king. Today, Britain is a product of sin, just as I was; its rulers have led the people against God, and so the country will suffer. I urge you not to follow my example, but to stand against the EU dynasty before it is too late. You have been brought to the brink by a foreign power, one that is fascist in kind. If you just obey, you, too, will be given all manner of nice things. The rule is simple – obey the EU and all will be well... but in terms that remove your sovereign rule and replace it with its own.

I came out of the dungeon and sat on my throne, but as a vassal, without power or significance. Just as Nebuchadnezzar was replaced by another king, and Babylon was subdued by yet another totalitarian regime, you have a choice – to repent, or to become vassals.”

All the issues about economics, social care, our place in the world, are secondary. Jehoiachin was a ruler in his own right, but he turned against God. So, God turned against him and Judah. If the king had been godly and looked only to forward the commands of God, Judah would have been spared. In our day the same things are being repeated: God has warned Britain time and again through His prophets – the Bible teachers, pastors and preachers who speak truth, and even right-thinkers with intelligence and foresight. But, these have all been ignored. Britain has partied while Nebuchadnezzar was making his way to surround the city ready to destroy it.

We are now poised on the brink. Our city of Britain is about to be destroyed. Will we at last repent and turn back to God for everything? If ‘remain’ element are the winner, then we will all be the loser. But, more than that, it would prove God is not with us and we have not repented and pledged our allegiance to Him. If this happens we can then expect a far worse rule by the EU, at least until the next dynasty arises. It could be the UN under king Soros and his friends. And in the middle will be his violent, wicked envoys, the neo-socialists and Islamic people whose presence will destroy Britain forever, to make way for the New World Order.

Insist on ‘remain’ and you will be given many presents (paid for by our own money) by the EU and its five presidents, after they have punished us for daring to think about leaving; they will give us many socialistic pleasures and gifts. But, we will still be vassals under wickedness. EU states all have their thrones in Babylon’s throne-room in Brussels, but they are empty of power. This is our coming fate unless many more are moved to demand leaving right now, without a deal. And if we left we would be able to start again, this time with a glimmer of hope amidst the biblical fact of the last days. Will we end those last days with godly honour? Or, as vassals who embrace the very tyrant who has made us vassals?