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The EU is demanding an extra £1.1 BILLION from the UK to plug a gap in its spending deficit. (Daily Express 10th Feb)

Friends, these kinds of demands are going to continue forever unless we leave the EU. Yes, I know I keep saying the same thing – get out of the EU. This is because the alternative is that we and our families will be ruined financially, and be subject to a Godless, Marxist system that we cannot remove from power. We are already being ruined by the EU, by paying huge amounts every day to maintain a fascist para-government that assumes full control over us all.

As the EU acts like the dictatorship that it is, the UK says it cannot pay to keep pensioners in the most basic fashion, or help the disabled; and yet can pay for the health requirements of homosexuals who bring their own destruction upon themselves with HIV and AIDS!

So we have a corrupt EU served by a corrupt government. Once again the evil EU Human Rights laws are being used to force us to keep terrorists in Britain. In reality Britain can just ignore its demands... but as our government is corrupt, it will not do so, unless the whole population calls for it.


Email received by K B Napier following the above posting is reproduced with permission below:


"A spectre is indeed haunting the corridors of Brussels offices and it is real: a well-founded fear that voters will reject the 'fiscal compacts', 'debt brakes' and 'golden rules' aimed at securing the EU's reign in de facto perpetuity. Speaking after an EU summit last week, German chancellor Angela Merkel made it clear that the new fiskalpakt for the Eurozone is aimed at making all Euro members enshrine austerity targets in their constitutions beyond the reach of popular votes. 'The debt brakes will be binding and valid forever. Never will you be able to change them through a parliamentary majority', she said."

Dear Mr. Cameron,
Are you happy to be encouraging this autocratic, anti-democratic formation of the FU? If this goes ahead, will it not be like 17 Munichs rolled into one happening on the Continent again? Should you not be warning Eurozone countries of the threat they face to extinction of democracy by an unelected eurotocracy?

Would it not be better to try to float a truly free trade Europe, which could act as a raft for FU countries to swim to? Would it not be a chance to create a Europe of free democracies with floating currencies? Would it not be possible to include Norway and Switzerland and any Commonwealth countries, too?
A fascist Europe rising will threaten this country eventually. It is already doing untold damage.
Tony Woodcock (Cllr. Civic Centre, Poole)

© 12 February 2012


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