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"Andrew Turner has stepped down as Isle of Wight MP after an outcry over alleged comments (homosexuality is "wrong" and "dangerous to society.") about the LGBTQ community to a group of Christ the King College students earlier today (Friday)."  (Isle of Wight County Press,  28 April 2017)

There are times in history when Christians MUST take action.

For over forty years I warned against the rise of homosexuality, and predicted the massive loss of life because of their appalling lifestyles.

Please do something about this. God is in control, but He also expects us to stand up as saved human beings, to tell the world that God will soon bring His hammer upon them for their corruption and evils.

For UKIP, LDP and others to suggest that telling the truth about AIDS is foul, is itself a foul and malignant error. For what reason does a wicked and life-threatening behaviour deserve protecting??

Write to this MP and support him; write to UKIP to rebuke them; write to government.

Or will this be yet another missed opportunity by the weak-spined Christians of the UK??

Voice for Justice UK have started a petition "We call for former Tory MP Andrew Turner's immediate reselection and reinstatement as candidate for the Isle of Wight".