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I just finished watching a BBC 2 TV programme on immigration. 'Britain and Europe: The Immigration Question'

Generally it was good... insofar as it went.


We have no problem with migrants who come here with jobs and who can pay for their own housing, education, health care, etc. Too much time was spent on talking about Poles etc., who work here.

The problem of having to build a quarter million homes EVERY year BECAUSE of migration, and the immense pressure on all benefits and services was passed over quickly.

Mention was made of the ‘need’ to import foreign nurses and doctors... but NO mention was made of the reason WHY – doctors’ leaders and nursing leaders are responsible for the shortage; in particular doctors’ leaders have PREVENTED home-grown medical student intake from our own UK citizens, to keep the illusion that we need foreigners! Despite annual projections of needed staff, they all refuse to increase places.

Also, literally only two minutes were spent on the havoc caused by Muslim migrants, and, yet again, the presenter referred to them as ‘refugees’! The very real dangers of this Muslim invasion were not talked about, yet it is probably the biggest problem we now face.

The dangers are in all spheres – economic (giving benefits to those who refuse to work and who see not working as part of their effort towards Islamic jihad), social, where Islamic culture is alien to the West and hateful towards Christians and freedom; religious, where today’s Muslims hate us and want sharia and for us to obey by law.

Also not mentioned was the loss of sovereignty and all that this entails.

I have observed the build-up of this EU situation in detail, in earnest, for two decades. The programme merely skimmed the surface, without any reference to historic problems that have accrued. And the fact that the Labour governments lied to the people, reducing numbers of actual migrant numbers by about nine tenths for years, was also only briefly dealt with.

The programme, then, was superficial and did not address the true issues for us all, particularly the colossal shift in culture enforced by Islam. The UK was indeed once a ‘green and pleasant land’.

Now, it is fast becoming a desert of alien cultures that want to get rid of what Britain once was.

This is BBC indoctrination at its best... but for those of us who are constant EU-watchers, it was not of use to the debate and will give a false impression to viewers.