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Christians and their advocates are opposing wicked laws on many fronts, though not consistently or enough. Advocacy groups identify what the evils are – the major evils currently harming Christians extensively are homosexuality and Islam, in that order. Environmentalism comes a close third.The green head of a temple viper

But, this is like picking out one or two deadly vipers from a nest of hundreds! Killing off one or two vipers is only a temporary measure, a kind of ‘fire-fighting’… the rest of the family are already slithering towards you. What we need is to identify the root cause of it all, and deal with that.

Some have stumbled upon facets of the root cause, such as political correctness and atheism. Even then, the actual root cause remains to grow and spread its wicked tentacles. What, then IS the root cause?

The human root cause is socialism. It is a cause I continually present to our readers, not because it is a ‘bee in my bonnet’, or because I have a ‘thing’ about it – but because that is what it really is! And, of course, behind the root cause is – Satan.

We can thus describe the causes of hatred towards Christians and what they believe in the following manner:

Satan initiates human Philosophies


Philosophies are popularized as political movements


Political movements reflect particular philosophies


Social Movements perpetuate philosophies through actions, policies and law. 

So, one thing leads to another. Christians must ALWAYS search out the real cause behind attacks on their faith. Christians are loathe to read or understand philosophy – but it is philosophy behind all human movements. This is because men’s philosophies are men’s ways of rejecting God and promoting their own agendas, which are ALWAYS godless.

It is for this reason that I have written a series on how philosophies have shaped our world, and even Christian teachings. Theology is merely another form of philosophy, and it is this theological philosophy that leads our churches. There is nothing wrong with true philosophy founded on God, but everything wrong with philosophies of men, warned about by God in His word.

The socialism I speak of is not sudden. It has its beginnings in ancient philosophies, and has been bubbling away under the surface for millennia. In the 1800s it started to emerge as a movement, prompted by Darwin, and became fully known in the wickedness of both Marxism and Nazism. Do not make the mistake of thinking the two are different, because they are not, There is almost no difference between them!

Both types of socialism were tried. They both devastated the world and murdered millions. Both were beaten or receded… but both are now again rising up as world leaders! It makes no logical sense whatever, unless we understand that politicians and movements today are simply obeying their father, the devil, who is currently pushing hard to bring about the prophesied one world government. And he is succeeding because people neither care, nor understand, the philosophies they are ruled by. And Christians are part of this great deception, willingly and carelessly.

The wicked movement of homosexuality could not gain the headway it enjoys if it were not for Christian laxity. Homosexuality will become stronger with time, but it is Christian ineptness that allows it its current fast rise, as well as Christian adherence to socialistic parties, just as they adhered to Nazism in Germany.

Homosexuality has always been with us, but it is the philosophy of the day that gives it prominence or not. It is a major part of socialism. It featured strongly in Soviet Russia and in Nazi Germany. In those regimes it was a violent and evil factor, leading to the demise of nations and the murder of millions. And it is the same movement that is being given honourable status in the world today… except by countries who recognise what it really is, notably Africa. For a quick summary of the steps taken towards socialist states or the homosexual movement, see my article on the subject (‘Homosexual Fascism’).

It is the same socialism behind environmentalism – another love-child of both Marxism and Nazism. And it, too, is causing mayhem in the world, dragging down economies and societies. Just as earlier Marxists and Nazis claimed to be ‘scientific’, so does the environmental movement! Yet, all its ‘science’ is fake, old, or unproved. Again, there are truth-tellers in this sad state of affairs, but governments do not care, nor do so-called ‘green Christians’, who ignore truth so as to push totalitarianism. This is the way of socialism!

Christians have no excuse. We are commanded to ‘test the spirits’… but few do. Christians cannot, by definition, be socialists – but many are (see relevant article on ‘Christian’ socialism)! It is unacceptable, as all countries are steaming full-ahead towards one world rule, and that rule is socialism… and behind THAT is Satan. I have no problem at all in saying any of this, because it is true.

The point of this article is not just to give you a history lesson, or to define the philosophies that drive us. Its aim is to show what the cause of our evils is, and to call on you all to act NOW. Not tomorrow, waiting to see if any of it affects you personally. It ALREADY affects you: higher taxation, hidden taxation, loss of freedom, legal penalties for preaching the Gospel, your children being taught homosexuality and Islam in schools, abortion on demand, increasing violence in the streets… ALL OF IT IS THE TEACHING OF SOCIALISM! They are NOT individual ideas randomly coming together, but a forced route-march led by one cause. It is this fact that seems to elude Christian advocacy groups.

Get to know the hallmarks! Learn what it leads to. See what happened in history, then see how the very same evils are coming at us again in our own time. Oppose it or be suppressed. We are already being suppressed and oppressed – do not let it go any further.

WHO WILL LISTEN? VERY FEW, AS IN THE RECENT PAST? Or will you at last make a stand for the Lord? And for your own perilous condition on this earth?

© 27 January 2011

Published on www.christiandoctrine.com

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