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Forget the doomsayers!

The UK looks set to see an increasingly good future.

Analysts say that we are moving away from a financial future based on consumer spending, which is being replaced by investment and exports.

Manufacturers are experiencing an upturn in orders from non-EU countries, so factories are at last being extended, and more staff taken on. The rate of growth is much faster than that in several other EU countries. Such is the confidence in a future outside of the EU.

Trump has also added that he will ensure Britain receives BIG orders from the USA. This puts the measly words of fascist Euro-dictators into perspective! (Source: IHS Markit, who runs the purchasing managers’ index).

Economic growth is advancing by positive points, to such an extent that we will equal growth in the EU, and will probably go beyond it (Source: National Institute for economic and Social Research), equalling about 2 points per year. If anyone remembers my economic statement before Brexit, you will know that the EU needs us far more than we need the EU (see the report).

It is known that France agrees and wants to keep us ‘sweet’. Even so, analysts show that the opening up to new non-EU markets will drive our growth figure significantly upwards, as inflation lowers. Though most folks don’t want the interest rate to go up, the Bank of England may soon double it to pre-slump 0.5%, which is indicative of a brighter economy. My reason for saying all this? Simply, to advise readers not to be misled by Europhiles and pro-EU fascists, whose only interest is in their personal bank balances and ramping up socialist control in every sphere.

Leaving the EU will do the UK immense good and even with a few tremors along the way, we will be far better off overall... then all we’ve got to work on is hitting the gay and Islamic agenda out of orbit.