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I don’t know whether I should head this item ‘When will it ever end?’ OR ‘when will it ever start?’

Nicholas Sarkozy, ex-President of France, hopes to get back in again. (ITV, 27 September 2016)

If he gets back in (as many predict) he says he will write another Treaty with Merkel (oh yeah!), so that the UK can have another referendum to stay in the EU!!!

See what I mean? Will the Brexit ever come about and end the misery?

Will it all end at last?

All along the way British politicians have dragged their feet about leaving.

Will they now keep it dragging on until Sarkozy is back in power, and then ask us to have another referendum???

Let’s push onwards, fast. Who cares if we get a great deal? We must not bend the knee to EU fat-cats just to gain a superficial benefit. It doesn’t matter WHO runs France – the whole idea for leaving the EU is that we don’t want to wear their yoke, their chains, and pay hugely for the privilege!!