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The war lords of Europe have already begun to kick back at Britain.

The EU banking system insist London must be punished and will lose its banking status. The EU wants our exit to be immediate. The reason is obvious – to stop other countries from exiting the EU.

Meanwhile experts tell us there are only about 20 people in the UK able to start negotiations with Europe and worldwide businesses.

This proves how slipshod the UK has become... why bother to negotiate when the EU plans and executes everything???

The battle of the EU has been won... but the EU will not let it rest!

The war is ongoing and will not stop. Socialists everywhere want us punished and want to regain control. That is why the next Prime Minister is likely to be socialist/Labour. We have momentarily stopped the easy flow towards One World Government, but must not sleep, for the biggest enemies are still out there baying for our blood. They will ferment division in the UK and spin everything in favour of fascist socialism.

Watch out for it and hone your battle skills! Prayer. Truth. Standing up for what is right.