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It should be said at the outset that I am not a supporter of Tommy Robinson and disagree with many of his views.

However, I am a staunch supporter of freedom of speech and fair play.

Like so many people around the world, I find it staggering that the British justice system was able to concoct reasons to jail Mr Robinson with indecent haste, without his even having the opportunity to be judged by his peers, a jury.

Moreover, it is not unreasonable to consider the rapid and draconian action against Mr Robinson for publicly discussing a case in which, in comparison, , it seems clear that countless children had been sexually abused on a grand scale by a gang of paedophiles. As we all know, this particular dreadful case follows a pattern seen across the United Kingdom, in which gangs of sexual predators, not all of them by any means of Asian origin, have clearly and criminally been protected for decades by local and national politicians, senior police officers and social services personnel.

Such officials are surely accomplices in the committing of shocking crimes that frequently destroy the lives of defenceless victims.

This unacceptable situation can sometimes be compounded by the incompetence and/or corruption of certain members of the judiciary, who are even less likely to be held to account that the other types of official previously identified.

Public concern must now exist as to whether our once respected justice system remains fit for purpose.

The treatment of Tommy Robinson should serve as an alarming warning of the fate that not only awaits future victims of child sexual abuse, but also those who are prepared to challenge the authorities over their continuing failings.

Tommy Robinson may have been tried and convicted, but it has led to a situation whereupon the entire integrity of the British justice system now itself faces a trial of public lack of confidence.