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I have deep concerns regarding the government's Prevent Strategy and have published my thoughts on-line a year ago at "Prevent Strategy is the Creation of a Police State by the delegation of monitoring duties in the UK"

These concerns and others on the broad scope of the Prevent Strategy and its openness to interpretation (which enables the government to restrict or prosecute those who publicise, teach or share their opposition to nouveau 'British Values') have been articulated in the main stream media by many others.

In the consultation document  it states that "Through this proposal, we are seeking to ensure that those who work in positions of trust and influence with children and young people respect those with different faiths and beliefs and do not, in expressing their individual beliefs, promote intolerance against others." (2.4)


"It is right to expect children to be in a safe environment and somewhere which does not teach children views which undermine our fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and the mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs." (2.5)

The same broad brush approach of the Prevent Strategy is being applied again to the teaching and influence of children in an informal educational setting through this government's proposals, which could easily include Sunday School, youth groups, youth camps, church meetings, counselling sessions, preaching, etc. where it would be taught for example that:

  • God made man in his own image, male and female. Sex is defined at birth and is not transiently altered by an individual on the completion of a government form.
  • A man and woman are to leave their respective parents and become one physically and spiritually in marriage for life. Same sex marriage is therefore a gross perversion or the definition of marriage, is biologically abnormal and unhealthy, destructive to society and promotes a God defined abomination.
  • God condemns fornication, adultery, homosexuality and transsexuality and defines them as sin. Therefore, LGBTs and others who commit fornication and adultery are sinning and must repent of their sin and change their behaviour.
  • Islam is an idolatrous religion of hate and unrestrained violence against all non-Muslims, which was promoted by its founder Mohammed in word and deed in the Koran and its traditions and is demonstrated by Islam followers today.
  • There is no other way to God and salvation except through Jesus Christ. Christian see no validity and legitimacy in other religions.
  • Abortion is murder against the unborn child.
  • Christian should obey the law or the land as long as it does not conflict with God's commandments.
  • Christians should live peaceably with their neighbour as far as is it is possible, however they may not tolerate and must condemn sin and uphold the truth.

These points and many others, would be in explicit conflict with government's Prevent Strategy as they "undermine our fundamental (nouveau) 'British values' of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and the mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs." (2.5)

Is this your intention?

If not, then the wording of your proposals need to say that they will not restrict the free expression and teaching of the Bible including its commandments and beliefs.

If it is, then this will have a major impact on freedom of speech in the UK, freedom of religion, and the ability of children to know the true difference between right and wrong as defined by God and not man.

The UK will become a police state of politically correct values - essentially the same as an Islamic state where only intolerant Islamic Sharia law applies.

Politicians in the UK need to identify and expose true extremism and intolerance in the LGBT community to those who oppose their anarchistic ideology and amongst Muslims and their hate driven doctrine. They are the real extremists.

Christian doctrine must be explicitly excluded from the Prevent Strategy as Christians want and exhort others to what is good, true and beneficial for all, especially children, as commanded by God our creator.

Yours sincerely

Dr James B Waddell

'Christian Doctrine'
Bible Theology Ministries
PO Box 415, Swansea, SA5 8YH
Wales, United Kingdom