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mary with starsWell – what did you expect? Cameron got his way!

Although more Tory MPs voted for a Referendum than those who voted in favour, he still got his way!

His triumph is hollow, for he had to use a three-line whip to stifle truth and a 'yes' vote. But, politicians don't care if their successes are hollow or forced; all they care about is getting their own way.

We commend those MPs who finally stood for the voters. We look with disdain on those MPs who did not. This is because what each MP thought personally is not relevant! What mattered was the wish of the people to leave the EU.

There should NOT HAVE BEEN A VOTE! There should simply be a referendum – because that is what the people want. Most people in the UK want to get out of the EU, but, once again, Cameron shows scorn and total disregard for those who put him in power (but not me!). He is every bit like Obama, and getting to be far worse than Blair. He pretends we do not understand the arguments, but this is farcical.

How many Christians bothered to sign a petition, or contact their MPs? I know without waiting for the answer, because UK Christians, unlike their American counterparts, are notoriously silent on EVERY matter, not just this. By their silence they have further sold us into slavery (to the EU), and God warns against any man willingly doing this.



The Cameron line is that EU membership is somehow 'good' and instead of getting out we must 'renegotiate'! The same line was followed by his sycophants, even though few of them truly understand the economic theories even they use! But, understanding aside – MPs ARE ELECTED TO DO THE WILL OF THE PEIOPLE, NOT TO DO WHAT THEY LIKE BECAUSE OF PERSONAL THEORIES. Would you buy food from a shop if you asked for bread and they sold you a packet of bolts instead? Of course not! You went in to buy certain goods. But, MPs sell us whatever they have got instead of what we want!

There are 'X' number of MPs in Parliament. Only a fraction of these understand economics. The rest follow whatever their leaders tell them, spouting them continuously and ignorantly. BUT... there are huge numbers in the electorate who DO understand economics. Many of them are economists. But, our untrustworthy MPs prefer their own ignorance to the factual skills of the many who know what the EU is really about.

The EU was, and still is, unelected. None of us voted for its existence or its cast-iron rule over us. Our leaders handed us over, making them traitors. Only those with vested interests want EU membership. As far as they are concerned, as Cameron has now proved – the rest of us can rot. He could not get his way by truth, so he forced everyone (except for the brave few) to toe the line, under threat. That is why his victory is hollow.


His arguments for remaining in the EU are also hollow; Cameron's words are those of a tinkling bell – all sound and no substance. When I was studying economics as a major for my degree, I learned of the utterly corrupt nature of the EU, especially its Common Agricultural Policy, which paid out millions to bad farmers who produced very little, heaped food in massive sheds and letting it just deteriorate, and allowed the Third World to starve when they could have had what was in the sheds! They still do this, and it is our taxes that maintain this corruption. Throughout the EU thousands of EU employees steal and defraud our taxes, and MEPs enjoy huge benefits and pay for doing nothing for their own country.

Look at it coldly – we pay billions to the EU just to be members, and get far less back in benefits. By any man's thinking that is ludicrous! Would you loan a man £100 if he only repaid half of it? Of course not! The billions we pay every year to the EU would wipe out our growing national debts AND pay for many needed services.

The EU is removing sovereignty and not one country says a word! This is because pro-EU MPs have vested interests and, like Blair, hope to gain personally after their stay in office, or even whilst still pretending to serve this country. (Blair, for example, thought that by being loyal to the EU he would become its first President! How good was his downfall!). THERE IS NO REASON TO KEEP THE EU AFLOAT!

The notion that Europe will collapse if the EU fails is a wrong way to look at it. That is like saying we should keep fires burning otherwise firemen would not have a job! We MUST get out of the EU and instead get back to national security and economics. Yes, there would be a short period of uncertainty and a brief downturn in finances... but business people are resourceful! They will soon find other ways to operate, and even renegotiate with those within Europe, especially if they knew in advance. That is what New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and many other non-EU countries did, when the EU forced the UK to stop trading with them! We must build-up UK interests and finances, and not fall into a pit alongside Greece and other countries that drain us of our taxes!

Do not listen to Cameron. He is as duplicitous as Blair. If necessary we must vote him out immediately, and not wait until the next election... with every hour, the traitor and immoralist, Cameron, sells us deeper into the EU pit. And, with it, Christians are harmed even more, as he falsely uses EU laws to destroy Christian values and beliefs. Did you know that the UK is always the first to obey the EU? Other countries disregard EU laws or are slow to adopt them. This is because UK politicians have more to gain by abusing the voters and being tied to Europe.

So, do not give up... that is, those who bothered to think at all about this issue (the rest are a shame to the Church of Christ). Keep haranguing the government. Demand we get out of the EU. This is not just about finances – it is about Christian freedoms and the Gospel; it is about corruption on a massive scale, and the imposition of Fascism on us as a nation. Cameron has proved himself to be a dictator, and the sickly MPs who support his totalitarianism cannot be trusted.

© 25 October 2011

Published on www.christiandoctrine.com

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