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Britain paid an unimaginable £18.5 BILLION to the EU, just for membership last year!

That's over £50 MILLION A DAY! (Daily Express, 24th Nov).

It means that every household has to pay that figure, removing £730 a year from their already tight budgets. But – MPs give themselves unjustified and exorbitant pay rises for doing next to nothing, and get massive expenses, so THEY are okay!!

Even this colossal amount will soon be dwarfed if Cameron again allows the EU to take even more.

As UKIP's Nigel Farage says, we pay more into the EU than we get back from it. And, as we reported recently, the EU now wants direct access to every member state's coffers, so that it can remove whatever it wishes at any time. This blatant treachery by the UK government must be stopped. Now! (The Daily Express has a call-line asking if we want all payments stopped to the EU. Why not call? Only direct, big responses will do it). (Note; Labour in power would increase our debts exponentially... so don't vote for them either!)

David Cameron is acting like a fascist. Blair did even better – he was a Marxist acting like a fascist!

Just before he left office, Blair stopped our rebate from the EU, because he thought he was in line for the coming EU presidential job. But he didn't get it – and the rest of us were lumbered with a bill that keeps rising all the time, without our approval.

Government allows the EU to stifle enterprise and our economy with its gargantuan tax and legal demands, and it also hits every decent citizen hard with EU pro-gay laws (interestingly, the figures are all available in the aptly named 'Pink Book'!), and pro-terrorist freedoms.

These figures DO NOT INCLUDE other money we are forced to pay for bailouts and other expenses of the EU. For example, Britain (that is, we, the taxpayers) paid out £12.5 BILLION to bail out Eurozone countries even though we are not in the Eurozone! Cameron continues to invent all kinds of excuses for this, but there IS NO EXCUSE. He is a dictator who hands our money to the EU for no reason... except to enlarge Germany's hold on the EU membership!

Britain can wipe out its national debt, and pay for essentials, by coming out of the EU.

We can at last reduce or even stop massive immigration that is consuming our taxes like a disease.

We can then tackle the disgusting aspects of home rule, such as 'gay' laws. As it is now, the EU bully is behind the UK bully, harming our country with indecency and foul demands.

The message to Cameron is easy – get out of the EU or get out of office.

© 24 November 2011

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