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And so the EU ‘In’ machine rumbles on and on...

Remember I warned to watch out for Cameron lying about the EU, etc?

Well – tie my legs up with a dead goose’ entrails... guess what! It turns out that he has lied to us about the extent of migration! Who’d have guessed it, eh?

The Daily Mail front page today says that migration has already reached “record high levels”.

The ‘tens of thousands’ he promised (still too high for my liking) went up to a third of a million last year. (Maybe he meant ‘tens of tens of tens of thousands’?). Almost two thirds of a million national insurance numbers were issued, which is just a tiny bit higher than the 257,000 quoted by government. Bear in mind that to get jobs or benefits migrants must have an NI number... few actually get jobs. But plenty get benefits!

Now, let’s be fair to Cameron... maybe he isn’t a liar after all.

Maybe he’s just a... er... liar.

By the way, banks chiefs say the UK will do very well if/when we leave the EU! (Daily Mail)

I have said this for years. I am not a full-time economist, but I studied economics to degree level and could easily see what was really going on. One of the biggest frauds in EU spending is on CAP (common agricultural policy). Back thirty years ago when I first heard of it I commented to my tutor that it was just one big scam, helping bad farmers in Europe but not good farmers in the UK. The details appalled me! Especially as the EU was, even then, bleating about poverty and starvation in the Third World. Why not use the food mountains that otherwise rotted to nothing in EU warehouses? Nope! The EU is not THAT generous or compassionate!!

I am sick to death of government wanting to turn our country into a cess-pit of sharia, and an economic dive controlled by non-working migrants. Let us say goodbye to those EU moguls who care only for their own stomachs... including our MEPs. 

And here’s another ‘guess what’? (The Times’, today).

Cameron is making 40 new peerages to those who support his ‘in’ campaign!!! That’s a good way to ensure support. With a few months yet to go, we can expect him to use lots of dirty tricks rather than truth. But, forget all the silly stuff. The major facts are stark and cannot be hidden: We must regain our sovereignty; we must stop mass migration; we must stop giving out benefits to people who have no job and do not intend on working; we must stop giving benefits to migrants’ families who do not even live here; we must kick out Muslim supporters of terrorism; we must revoke citizenship of Muslims who are violent towards the West... it is these fundamental evils we must stop. The rest is only flower arranging.