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Today, Cameron said that we would not fare well if we left the EU - 'Project Fear' (Daily Mail, 28 October 2015)

He claims we would lose "hundreds of millions".

Firstly, hundreds of millions is far less than the many BILLIONS we lose EVERY YEAR by paying membership fees!!

Secondly, he is fear-mongering – the initial upset might indeed lose us some money – but this will change when companies are no longer plagued by EU laws and regulations, and other means of selling come to the fore.

Thirdly, his statement is nothing but guesswork!

Watch out for Cameron's sneaky tricks – he does not want us to leave the EU, so he will not tell us the absolute truth anyway.

There is a suggestion we might go down the same route as Norway.

This must be resisted at all costs. What we need is to get out of the EU, full stop!

We must cut the chains binding us to this fascist monster, not just change the chains!!