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We have suggested that UKIP is currently the best political party to consider giving the vote to for quite a few years now, and especially during the last election campaign. As I recently said, this will continue to be our opinion when the next General Election comes along, If UKIP continues on the same path. (We should advise that BTM has no association with UKIP – we therefore do not speak on behalf of UKIP, nor do we wish to. Nor will we ‘pull our horns in’ over certain issues). Naturally, we hope they will agree on our points – but if not, we will still speak out.

And, we have no doubt that our continual call for Christians to NOT vote for the three main parties is a big reason why there was a hung Parliament. All three parties cynically abused Christians until the general Election, and then, again cynically, tried to woo them to their side, knowing that the number of Christians is quite large. Some who CALL themselves Christians still voted for the awful three main parties, but there was a definite swing towards UKIP.

Our Concerns - the four key policy issues for Christians

For genuine Christians (I do not include nominal Christians), there are only a few major concerns, enough for them not to vote for the usual parties – homosexuality (probably the major concern), the EU, and Islam, with environmentalism (via supposed ‘global warming’ coming close to the end of the list (because it is currently being successfully opposed, but its paganism is a threat), though it adds a great deal to economic ruin and personal higher costs). Sadly, even within UKIP, a few are afraid to speak out against several of these issues… even though many people who value decency, who are NOT Christians, agree with our concerns. It is not how a new and vibrant party should think! If they fall into the same old trap of political correctness, they will lose our support.

Why do Christians see these issues as vital? The answer is simple – the EU is fascist in structure and argument. Our governments have progressively and treasonously handed over sovereignty to the EU, which is ruining our economy, crushing UK growth, and destroying freedom of speech via their wicked ‘Human Rights’ laws and other plots against freedom. We are paying many billions to the EU for membership, without any real reason to do so. But, above all that, is the EU’s hatred for Christianity and its blatant promotion of homosexuality, which includes stomping all over every genuine Christian in the UK. I have myself been victim to this nasty propaganda, so I know what I am talking about. It is, then, not in the interest of Christians to continue membership of the EU, or to vote for any party that wishes to remain a member of the EU.

Homosexual acts themselves, though awful, are not our concern. The concern is that Stonewall rules government, not our normal MPs. By ‘normal’ I mean not homosexual. Every law and policy in the country is now either projected by Stonewall and adopted by MPs, or checked over by Stonewall and amended if they do not like what they see! It is really Stonewall who wrote the vile SORs, and other pro-gay laws and policies. And via a ridiculous system of awards, Stonewall effectively ridicules any company not allied to them. It is all propaganda, not truth, and it means that Stonewall, not our MPs, rule the country!

The reason for the existence of Stonewall is to get rid of everything Christian. Their hatred for Christians is so blind, they will do anything to get their own way… and anything is what they do, with government’s blessing and complicity.

There is NO REASON to do this – homosexuality is only a choice of sexual object, nothing more. There is nothing else behind this vacuous and immoral activity, whether as homosexuality itself or as one of its many fake divisions – cross-dressing, change of gender (!), and so on. If it is only about a personal choice of sex – WHY is it being promoted by government?

Homosexuality brings horrendous diseases in its wake, killing millions – so why promote it? Homosexual partnerships are anything but – they are not true partnerships because they are based only on sex, and are known to the police for wreaking the most violent of all ‘domestic’ incidents. And the majority of homosexuals admit to wanting sex with young children. They also effectively stop any media discussion and criticism, and teach kids in schools to follow their terrible example. Homosexuals are destroying the social fabric of the nation and have already stopped freedom of speech, bringing frivolous and hateful court cases against Christians. (Note WHO statistics for incidents of HIV and AIDS – the majority are amongst homosexuals)

‘Gay’ claims to being harassed and persecuted are without foundation. When the ASA demanded proof from the Gay Police Association, well, lo and behold – they could not furnish them with even one case! Does that mean they lied? I leave the answer up to you!

Many secularists have bleated: “Why do Christians go on and on about homosexuality!” The above answers supply some of the reasons… and there are plenty more. Homosexuality is the greatest threat in the UK to Christian well-being. It affects our jobs (as I know only too well), our income, our homes, our freedoms… and that is why it is top of our list of political concerns. I defy anyone, secular or otherwise, to denigrate this concern, which is closer to watching the rise of the Fourth Reich than anything else we know of today. This is not an idle comparison, given that homosexuality has always been a vital part of socialism, whether Marxist or Fascist, used to destroy Christian values. It ought to be noted – NOTHING in genuine Christianity does any harm to any person. But, almost EVERYTHING done by homosexuals is harmful to society.

Islam is another concern, for almost the same reason, though I would prefer to have to tackle Islam than homosexuality, which is vile in the extreme. Via an insane (but socialist) drive to fill our country with immigrants, many of whom are Islamic, we have brought terrorism and wickedness to our shores, stripping our benefits’ systems of money and resources, and giving moral priority to Muslims, though most now no longer join our country as full members, preferring to stay aloof, creating their own young terrorists and criminals, and waiting for Saudi money to take over the country.

Islam already has its own Islamic councils, which debate and put into place, their own Islamic sharia demands, ready for when Muslims become strong enough to cast aside UK law and non-Muslim preferences. Everyone who is not Muslim knows this to be the case, but governments have deliberately weakened the UK by mixing its religions and races to the extent of making the UK no longer the UK. This is why so many now vote BNP. But, Christians want to avoid this kind of nationalism (and socialism). All we want is not to be harassed by the gay-written law, and freedom of speech. We do NOT want sharia or any other Islamic rule to govern us, again because Islam hates Christianity and Christians. Several other European countries rue the day they gave freedom for Islam to rule, as trouble erupts!

Environmentalism is yet another concern, because it is another part of the socialist game-plan. (For details and proof read my book, ‘The Global Green Agenda’). Green ideas are pagan and paganism also wants to be rid of Christianity. Why? Because it is the ONLY moral and ethical set of beliefs available to mankind. This is why the other groups mentioned want to be rid of Christianity, and why they are all linked through their socialist foundations.

Fear of Reactions

I understand that UKIP does not wish to be seen as a one-issue party. But, in turn, UKIP must understand that Christians are being persecuted for holding to their beliefs, and the main culprits are homosexuals and government complicity in its spread and punishment of Christians. To put it bluntly, I do not care two hoots if any Party wants to tread carefully on this issue – while they tread carefully, Christians are being hounded and pushed into a corner. Until this is sorted out, I do not care what parties wish to concentrate on! We need action NOW!

What do I want any party to do? That is very simple: Stop ALL proposed pro-gay legislation; repeal all ‘gay’ legislation thus far (because it is all based on false claims and data); let homosexuals do whatever they do, but not expect tax-payers to pay for it; recognise that HIV and AIDS are caused by sexual activities and so should not be paid for by taxpayers – same goes for any dangerous activity; stop all schools and education establishments from promoting homosexuality – because it is, after all, just a personal choice of sexual object. Stop the ludicrous laws that hammer Christians for ‘hate speech’ that is not real!

Many in society are decent and do not like the growing immorality foisted on them by government, which contains a very much imbalanced number of gays, who elect to bring in even more gay laws, against popular wish. So, this is not only a matter for Christians, though at the moment it is Christians who suffer greatly. As Christians we want an equitable society for everyone, not just for Christians. Let atheists plead their cause – but, in turn, allow Christians to reciprocate. Let homosexuals live as they wish – in private and not in public, and leaving our kids alone, and not expecting laws just for their own benefit.

Alongside the cessation of pro-gay legislation and the repeal of existing laws (because normal laws are adequate), there MUST be an opening up of the media to opposing views. Let homosexuality (and other ‘protected’ group ideas) make its claims known, and let those who oppose state why they oppose. Not as happens now, with 99% pro-gay views countered by minimal 1% opposition that is always portrayed as ‘stupid’ or ‘ignorant’ or ‘hateful’, and where gays openly denigrate Christianity without any kind of response made available.

Frankly, I do not care less if ANY party dislikes what we say, because Christians are being harassed and legally prosecuted NOW, while all parties look on approvingly. UKIP currently does not do this, and this is why we favour them. We are not asking them to make Christians a special case – only that they accurately and publicly tell the country exactly what homosexuality really means, and demand that there is a removal of pro-gay laws – because there is no need for them, and because they are designed specifically to crush Christians. As one who has researched this for the past four decades I know what I am talking about! Instead, have laws that encompass ALL in society.

Will UKIP Listen?

So, we hope that UKIP listens. If UKIP baulks at this and refuses to stand for the freedom of EVERYONE (not just gays), then they may well find us advising voters not to vote for UKIP either! For Christians this issue alone is enough to lose support for a party – and we effectively advised many Christians to vote UKIP in the last election, resulting in a poor vote for all three main parties.

We have had enough of being sold-out by MPs who are rapidly coming from the very small section of people who sadly and immorally come from the ‘gay fraternity’. It is very plain to see that this growing number of gay MPs affects laws and policies, whether we want them to exist or not. Governments have been voted for, but then have consistently immediately ignored voter-demands and shown obvious favour to homosexuals! Christians form a significant number of the electorate. And many who are Not Christian – even moderate Muslims – agree that we need to regain morality, decency, an accountable government, and laws that do not criminalize those who cannot accept immorality. If people want to be immoral, let them be so in their own time and with their own money! And let them be stigmatised by society, if that is what society wishes to do, and as it did do for millennia.

Will any of the parties listen to this argument? Probably not. Everyone is too scared to lose their votes! So, they remain silent on these vital issues. In the meantime, while they play political games, Christians are being marginalised and harassed DAILY. We know that it need not take a real incident to bring the wrath of government upon us – all it takes is homosexual whim and deception, wrapped in propaganda and lies.

So, we will watch UKIP very carefully. If they will not do the right thing we will advise readers accordingly until the next election. If necessary we will advise them NOT TO VOTE AT ALL. Then, we will see just how well any of the parties do. We suggest UKIP listens to these legitimate worries from a large part of the electorate (not just Christians). It is in their interests to do so, and not to pussy-foot around it.

I repeat – we are not part of UKIP and these views are my own. But, they are views agreed on by many who are not Christians, because we have all had enough of our greedy, self-interested, EU-loving, immoral MPs, who bring in laws we do not want; and we have had enough of being constantly pushed around. Any party that opens up the conversation will receive the thanks of every decent person in the UK… let us turn back the times foisted on us by unaccountable governments and Stonewall, who REALLY runs the country!

© 29 March 2011

Published on www.christiandoctrine.com

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