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Politics is how we live in a nation. Christianity is how we live amongst that nation. This is why Christians must be involved in politics.

However, I see problems… supposed ‘Christian’ parties restrict their membership to Christians-only and demand only those things of benefit to themselves. As I have said before, they are a non-starter even before they lose their candidate-deposits! It is also, to my mind, an error to call itself a ‘Christian’ party for several reasons.

What they should do is involve all like-minded people. Yes, base what they want to see happening on scripture – but to exclude decent, law-abiding folks is wrong…. Folks who, in the main, want the same national morality and goodness that Christians want. The whole nation is heartily sick of MPs who go into parliament just to line their own pockets, or who are themselves decent but have no clout to knock back the evils proposed by their same-party indecent colleagues. (In other words, they are useless in their position).

Christians must accept what is good for all people. What is good is anything decent, moral and upbeat. Reject everything immoral, indecent and foul. Simple.

Christians must also insist on genuine freedom of speech (that is, well-defined freedom – because total freedom of speech is not possible, given the wickedness of many who want to impose their sins on the nation).

In the present political climate of EU-directed totalitarianism, this is not going to be acceptable at Westminster! But, an united front will do wonders.

We can unify with unbelievers on many fronts, so long as our own position is clear. We may not accept policies and demands that are contrary to God’s word. Nor can we impose a theocracy on a people who have no idea what one is. First, we must get rid of the filthy, unethical, and immoral ideas now rotting government from the inside out. Once that is done, we must educate the public in the ways of God, in a manner they will understand. This is easily done, by comparing the good and benefits of being godly in action, even if not godly in mind, with the obvious evils brought upon the nation by godlessness… abortions, violence, AIDS, and so on. Remember, too, that the effects of godlessness give us ALL heavy financial burdens. As do ‘green’ policies based on bad science. What is ‘good’ is often also wished-for by unbelievers, even atheists.

We must get back to truth-telling and finger-pointing. This is because present government is based on relative values, not absolutes… even though absolutes are all around us.

We must offer the comparison to a people brought low by evil politicians and wicked lobbyists. We cannot demand, but can only show what genuine godliness is like and how it benefits both Christian and non-Christian alike. If they prefer, atheists need not refer to it as ‘godly’. Then, in such a freed ethos, we can again preach the Gospel without being arrested.

In such an environment people can at last feel able to speak out, even if some do not like what they say. But, this ought not include public speaking of evil. (This is where the definition of ‘freedom of speech’ must be modified). Nor can it include the misleading or abuse of our children. It means that those who have differing views that can benefit society must be allowed a platform. This is of no interest to socialists of ANY hue, including Cameron and his hidden socialism, because they want restrictions, suppression, oppression, immorality, and everything their own way. Nothing frightens socialists more than open truth!

Once we are all able to speak out, we would see the rapid demise of evil-doers, such as paedophiles, homosexuals and rabid Islamists. Let Islam speak – but let it also be countered by rational arguments. We can only do this by removing the wicked ‘human rights’ laws that are regularly used to batter anyone who speaks the truth. We must be rid of ‘hate speech’ laws, that stop everyone from being critical.

Christians, then, have a place in society, and that place is far more worthy than that of homosexuals, etc., because our aim is to benefit all of society, not just minorities. And, unlike homosexuals, we do not spread diseases and mayhem. We want the good of society, not its ruin! That is why society MUST be shown that Christian values are worthy and sound in themselves. In this we may not force others to comply, but may only offer goodness.

Thus, we do not Bible-thump, but allow others to see the benefits of being godly in outward form… they need not be ‘saved’, because goodness is of benefit to everyone. Even atheists could support that idea, because they are themselves free to give what they believe is their own alternative to ‘God’.

There is no need, and no desire, to force anyone to accept what we say or do. And this freedom must be observed throughout society… though not extended to people whose aims are wicked and harmful. In this respect, it is better if an open society was able to compare wicked and good, rather than impose laws on people just for thinking otherwise. Only people with a nasty agenda will dislike these ideas.

What this means in the interim is that Christians should NEVER vote for the main parties, which are all corrupt, socialist and enslaving us to the EU; nor may we vote for the smaller parties, such as nationalistic ones, greens, etc., that are anti-God at root. The closest Party we may currently vote for is UKIP, because it proposes policies that actually benefit the whole country. It may not encompass everything a Christian might like to see, but it is far, far better than all the others combined. And, if it continues to listen to people like us (because Christians are a sizeable chunk of the electorate, far bigger than homosexuals), and does not devise or enforce ungodly laws, it should attract Christian voters. I do not mean pseudo-Christians, but genuine believers. Christians know who the pretend-Christians are; most of those are socialist!

Would I vote for ‘Christian’ parties? No. They are insular and unrealistic. Many unbelievers, including atheists, can support socially-good policies, so to exclude them is folly. Is it not scriptural to love our neighbours? Then it means we must act in their interests, to do them good, and this involves politics. Of course, politics and Parties change all the time. At the moment I can commend UKIP, but it does not mean we can always do so. If ever they acted against Christians (as all other parties have done) and against the social good, we will have to change our minds. Until then, however, UKIP show a glimmer of light to a battered nation. Christians have a great deal to offer them on a social level.

(The views expressed in this article are those of Bible Theology Ministries)

© 18 February 2011

Published on www.christiandoctrine.com

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