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After Israel Folau reached a settlement with Rugby Australia (RA), after he was controversially sacked over posts on social media, the religious liberty group the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) said that this was a “welcome result” for all those who “value freedom”.

However, Managing Director Martyn Iles said: “People of all faiths need clear protections to speak openly about their beliefs."


“The true meaning of inclusiveness, diversity, and tolerance is to accept differences, including differences of faith and belief”. (The Christian Institute Uk, 5 December 2019)

This ‘diversity’ idea is quite new and wouldn’t have stood a chance until fairly recently.

What IS the “true meaning”?

The statement says it is to “accept differences, including differences In faith and belief.” Is this true? Only in a sneaky, backhanded, ignorant way!

No Christian can be ‘inclusive’ about evil, sin, and things God hates. We can accept that such evils exist, and that we may at times have to unwillingly live amidst it. But in no way can any true Believer accept differences that are foisted upon us, when it means allowing sin to grow and become part of our lives!!

Thus, we can accept that the whole world seems bent on accepting homosexuality. A true Christian cannot – homosexuality is hated by God. It is a vile perversion of God’s creation.

The same goes for Islam. We accept it exists and unfortunately is spreading its darkness around the world. But no true Christian can accept Islam per se. It is idolatry, paganism, a hateful falsity imposed upon all people at pain of death. If this is not the “true meaning” then that’s tough, because that’s how God sees it.

In God’s terms, homosexuals should go back to hiding in dark corners, and Islam must be thrown out of any country that wants to be free and godly. And where neither happens, genuine Christians must speak out and never let these two factions of Satan gain the upper hand.