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The Church of England (CofE) made a withering attack on government because of its plan to bring in Same-Sex 'marriage' (SSM).

Whether this will have an effect is unsure if not impossible, seeing as government says it WILL bring SSM in, regardless of opposition. That is – less than 1% of the population is dictating to the 99% who do not want gay marriage. In anyone's language, that's dictatorship, totalitarianism, socialism!

The CofE forgets that the power behind the throne is not Cameron, but Stonewall!

The CofE hierarchy sounds hot and fiery, but it is really a damp squib, because it is shouting too late.

Half of its influential members want to embrace gay marriage, whilst the conservative half are opposed.

But, the opposition is not biblical but political.

Anglicans say that gay marriage is the "biggest threat to the Church in its 5oo year history". (1: Independent, 12th June).

They care more for the CofE than for scripture, which is the REAL source of opposition! But, no mention is made of God's laws, nor of morality, nor of biblical truth. This is why its present anger is worthless.

The big-wigs in Anglicanism moan that same-sex marriage would "undermine the church's position"... but by this they mean The CofE, NOT the true Church of Jesus Christ. With such meaningless nonsense coming from Canterbury, the government simply stands its ground, against the people, saying its "plans for equal marriage laws will go ahead". The so-called 'Consultation' is just an expensive farce, a sop thrown to those who really think their written papers will do anything.

Though government presently insists that the new law would only apply to civil marriages, many believe, with good reason given the government's lying nature and Stonewall's viciousness, that once civil marriages are lawful, gays will then fly in a fury at church weddings, forcing churches to accept same-sex unions. Watch for it, because it WILL come, except the Lord literally cuts them down in their wickedness.

Waiting for legal recognition are paedophiles, incest-lovers, bestiality... and even any-number marriages, so that the concept of one person married to another person will be fully destroyed. This will allow not just any number of persons, but any number of beings - including animals and objects. If you think this is fantasy, then look to the USA, where, already, men have married horses! The aim of homosexuals has nothing to do with equality or marriage, because they want BOTH to be obliterated. They have gone for 'equality' so as to destroy God's laws, and they will then destroy marriage to be rid of moral unions. Then, they will bring in the foulest and most wicked activities ever found amongst mankind... things that decent people have never even heard of, they are so evil and hidden. Following these will come worldwide diseases, which will be immune to interference, just as governments today refuse to identify the true cause of AIDS and homosexually-involved cancers. If you think the Black Plague was awful, wait for these homosexual 'gifts to the nations'!

Many think it will be wonderful to be free of moral constraints. This is because homosexuals have so sexualised nations that they think homosexually... to love free sex of any kind. In doing so they refuse to face the consequences – filth in every stratum of society, mass disease, weakened genetic structures, rapidly reducing populations leading to collapse of whole countries, widespread social unrest, children ruling with iron rods... we do well to fear these consequences! Just as homosexual violent ranters (Brownshirts) filled Germany in support of Hitler, so homosexuals will similarly rule society. What we see today is only the tip of the iceberg... the true aims hidden from view until homosexuals gain a broad legal power base, backed by a wicked government.

The answer? Firstly, the recognise that what we are seeing is the beginning of the end. Secondly, to repent and follow Christ as we ought, living righteously. Thirdly, to pray fervently for the actual downfall or removal of all who so hate God and try to force people to follow their wickedness. If this means their death by disease, then so be it – the mode of removal is up to God.