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I have a strong suspicion that the sudden withdrawal of support by a variety of Congressmen is a strategic shock in support of Clinton, planned for months.

These people are SO hypocritical it is unbelievable!

How many have had affairs, including disgusting homosexual liaisons?

In what way does Trump’s statement on women some years ago come to even the bottom rung of the Clinton ladder of evils?

Compared to Clinton, Trump is noble!!

This is not my total support for Trump – it is my response to those with huge moral deficits themselves, daring to be ‘holier than thou’, when they, and especially the Clintons, sank to rock bottom in a pit of wickedness many years ago and continue in their evils!

This is wicked people supporting wicked people.

They are in a panic, because Trump would not sustain the usual debauchery and sycophancy of a corrupt government.

A vote for Clinton and the USA would be the final death-knell of the USA. But, it seems Marxism is the way to go, as millions hand-over their freedoms and decency to a woman whose allegiance is only with Satan and hell.

It is like watching an horror movie playing out to the bitter end, but in real time. God help genuine Americans to overthrow the whole disgusting mess.