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Merkel is now saying that if the people of Britain wish to change their mind, then they can stay in the EU.

A petition to that effect has been started and has been signed by sycophants who wish us to stay.

Others, all enemies, want us to stay, despite the fact that the majority vote says to leave.

I reminded readers a while ago that an ‘Irish re-vote’ might arise... When Ireland had a referendum the EU refused to accept the verdict and commanded the country to have a second referendum (and more if necessary) until the people gave a positive vote!! And so Ireland was bamboozled, losing its freedom to vote against an EU dictat. The EU is going to try to get us to-revote. If that happens we will capitulate, because some fear the future. They cannot stand the idea of freedom but want the EU to tell us what to do... and this it will do with great fervour, retaining its stranglehold over the people. In this way socialism will win big-time and we will have lost our freedom totally. In many ways those who wish to re-vote are a fifth column, for while they want to keep their shackles to a fascist union, they also condemn those of us who don’t.

Watch for this movement to gain ground and stand firmly against it. I knew enemies would try to derail our decision, but this is a very fast retaliation! If our votes are dismissed by a second vote, then voting itself will be meaningless. And our MPs will not be true MPs, but puppets of the EU and Merkel, who in every way is Mrs Hitler.

I warned against whooping with joy over a win... now you see one reason why. God gave us a merciful result – don’t spurn His mercy in favour of a personal gain that will lead to a national disaster. If we do that and rejoin our dictator’s regime, God will never again help us.