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The duplicity of UK government ministers never ceases to amaze. Occasionally we get a glimpse of what is in the dark heart of a government minister and they reveal openly their complete contempt for the law and the citizens they are meant to represent.

Mr Andrew Mitchell's (Conservative Chief Whip) insulting and threatening words and behaviour against police officer following security policy on 19 September 2012, provides one example. Another is the UK government's across party fascist approach to enforce Same Sex Marriage on the British people.

In a letter written to Michael Gove MP, Minister for Education, by a constituent, the duplicity is further exposed on how the UK government want to use SSM as the platform to introduce covert plans to expose every child in the country to paedophilic propaganda on the National Curriculum.

Right Hon Michael Gove MP
House of Commons

17th July 2012

Dear Mr Gove,

You may recall that on Wednesday 4th July at the Wandsworth & Wimbledon Conservative reception you responded to two questions I asked you. The first was about the government's promotion of the Hard Left ideology known as 'Queer Theory'. The second was my concern about your covert plans to expose every child in the country to paedophilic propaganda on the National Curriculum.

You responded to these points by claiming there would be no indoctrination of children in schools. I do not believe you. The fact that your department concealed its plans [1] on inserting Same Sex Marriage ("SSM") into the mandatory school curriculum while the Coalition's bogus 'equal' marriage consultation was taking place shows you have plenty to hide. The day after we spoke, on 5th July, I went along to Stonewall's AGM at the British Library and took the photograph above of the poster proclaiming Stonewall's current campaign theme. As you can see, this is "Education for All". Stonewall is at the heart of the gay agenda, and clearly your department is the delivery mechanism for the next phase of implementation.

I was not impressed by you putting your hand on your heart and saying you would vote for gay marriage, come what may, as if this were some matter of principle. Not only did you not include any mention of SSM in the election manifesto, but the consultation exercise was merely on 'how' and not 'whether' SSM should be introduced. You may have your precious vote, Mr Gove, but the rest of us have been denied even the chance of a fair hearing. This is not democracy.

Calling SSM 'equal' marriage is a revolting calumny, as it seeks to imply real marriage is not equal. In fact, in attacking the family you are ripping up one of the only natural institutions that now stand in the way of the power of the state. Your consultation document made no mention of children, and is exclusively slanted to SSM. Consultations need to take more than one view into account. If you are going to redefine marriage, the interest of the majority needs to be protected, not despised.

The whole exercise is dishonest. The SSM consultation gave false assurances that SSM would not be conducted in religious premises as a result of the consultation. On May 11th the Deputy Prime Minister wrote to me and others:

"Religious organisations have a vital role in our society and the Government is clear that we value the importance of religious freedom. For this reason, the consultation does not look at allowing same-sex marriage through a religious ceremony – any legislation on equal civil marriage would make clear that marriages conducted according to religious rites and on religious premises could not be between a same-sex couple and there would be no duty on Church of England ministers to marry same-sex couples." [2] Yet last week Nick Clegg called for SSM in Churches! Cameron has privately admitted Churches can not be defended. So not only is it an attack on the family, but an assault on religion.

You are on record as saying [3] that people who object to homosexuality are closet homosexuals themselves. This is a pathetic ad hominem insult that not only conflates homosexuality with the political gay agenda, but will doubtless be used in schools to inflict the vilest abuse possible - Gay Affirmation Therapy - on those children who find your Queer Theory propaganda objectionable. You need to get honest and acknowledge that people have entirely legitimate objections to Conservative collaboration with Labour's plan to destroy the family and the Church. You can not claim ignorance. The Left make no secret of their use of sexual and value inversion to destroy society in order to seize and enforce control [4]. They have done it before in Eastern Europe [5], and you are helping them do it now in Britain.

No party mentioned SSM in their election manifesto. Voters have not had a proper consultation on the matter, and it is clear the three main parties have been colluding on a long standing secret agenda. The Conservative party, which we are entitled to expect to stand up against Hard Left [6] social engineering, has instead sold out in the most cowardly way possible. In seeking to 'detoxify' the party's perfectly good image by flushing this country's children down the Stonewall and Terence Higgins Trust toilets, you have surrendered the prize that freedom's enemies have long cherished. The programme to annihilate liberty can now escalate in earnest. It beggars belief if you pretend not to understand this.

Yours sincerely,

Name and address withheld

1 Daily Mail 2nd July 2012 "Schools could be made to teach pupils about gay marriage once it is passed into law"
2 Nick Clegg: standard letter responding to SSM queries during consultation, May 11t. 2012
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5 Alexander Solzhenitsyn "Gulag Archipelago", Maurice Hindus "The Great Offensive".
6 Harriet Harman was Legal Director and Patricia Hewitt General Secretary of the National Council of Civil Liberties in 1980: See NCCL's 1980 AGM Motion 31: "This motion notes with disapproval the continued harassment of the organizations Paedophile Information Exchange and the Paedophiles Action for Liberation, who are working for the rights of adults who are sexually interested in children. We affirm that the existence of these and any other lawful pressure groups should be threatened by neither press nor police".