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On the first Prime Minister’s Questions in Parliament after the party conferences, David Cameron openly denies his alleged regrets (Daily Mail, 8 October 2013) for forcing through the Same Sex Marriage legislation in the UK.

To the contrary, he rejoices and is proud of his role in the introduction of this ‘great reform’, Same Sex Marriage. Cameron has not changed his spots!

See the following recording available for 12 months from 9 October 2013 on BBC iPlayer at about 31:00 mins.

Question by John Woodcock (Labour MP for Barrow and Furness): “Why has he told members of his party, behind closed doors, that forcing through Same Sex Marriage legislation was a terrible mistake?”

Answer by David Cameron: “Well I haven’t.
I am very proud that we passed Same Sex Marriage in this parliament.
I am very proud of the role that I played bringing it forward.
I think marriage, as I have just been saying
(regarding the proposed new marriage tax break), marriage is a wonderful thing and that goes whether you are a man or a woman or you’re a man and a man and a woman and a woman.
I am very proud of it. It’s a great reform. It makes our country fairer and I hope that is clear.”

David Cameron, and his government, will be accountable before God for forcing through the blasphemous Same Sex Marriage legislation.

One thing for sure, Same Sex Marriage will not make this country fairer. All it will do is open the legislative gates to persecution of Christians and anyone who objects to Same Sex Marriage and sodomite behaviour, as has happened in other countries e.g. Canada.