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Out of the horse's mouth... David Cameron wants the British people, including your children, to fully embrace and be tolerant of the disgusting, sinful culture and health risks of the GLTBTQ lifestyle.

David Cameron at GLBT reception 25 July 2012, 10 Downing Street:

"The third point I wanted to make is, changing laws is important, legislating is important. But what is equally important – arguably now what is more important – is actually going to be changing culture; whether it's on the football field, or in the rugby dressing room. Changing the culture whether it's in the school playground, changing the culture in the workplace, changing the culture everywhere so that people can genuinely feel we live in an equal, fair and tolerant country. And changing the culture is much more difficult than changing the law, changing culture is much more subtle and difficult. But the promise I can make you is that this coalition government is committed to both changing the law and also working to help change the culture and the Conservative party absolutely backs that. This is something I personally feel very passionately about."

BTM has been saying for decades, that the GLBTQ agenda is all about enforced, through legislation, social engineering and cultural change, fascism. Now is the time to make a stand against the blasphemy of our political leaders and their passion for same sex marriage and the approbation of all things sexually perverse. God commands us to repent of sin, not grant it 'equality' and 'tolerance'.