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Some visitors to Christian Doctrine may think that our statements regarding the rabid viciousness of gay lobbying groups and their minions are extreme and ungrounded in reality.

However, check out the responses Melanie Phillips had to her recent column in the Daily Mail, along with the subsequent death threats and the pro-gay journalistic accusations made against her.

Ms Phillips is a libertarian, but her comments do voice commonsense concerns of the “totalitarian mindset which turns truth, justice and rationality inside out” (Daily Mail, 1 February 2011).

The true face of homosexuality is indeed this totalitarian mindset and the complete rejection of the commandments of God our creator. In a gay dominated world there is no space for morality or true tolerance, only licentiousness without boundaries. If the gay movement is not stopped we will all be summoned to worship before the idol of immorality on pain of death. (Daniel 3:6) This is the only logical conclusion – don’t deceive yourself into thinking otherwise.

© 17 February 2011

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