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Incredibly the official statement today on the London Westminster attack is “We may never know the motive” of the attacker. (Guardian, 25 March 2017)

Try these motives for a start...

  1. He/they was/were Islamic terrorists
  2. Islamists (followers of Islam aka Muslims) hate the West and their values of democracy, freedom, etc.
  3. They have openly defied laws and say they want to kill us
  4. The killers were ‘good guys’ (aka by the euphemism 'moderate Muslim') in society but were lying
  5. The Koran teaches death to kafirs.
  6. Preachers of hate in the UK and on the Internet by leaders of Islam.

Need I go on and express the VERY obvious??

Most of the public, though angry, will be subdued by the statement.

It might be too horrific to think that an ‘ordinary’ Muslim will suddenly get up one day and go on a murder spree as a gift to their mythical God, Allah. But that’s exactly what is happening every day throughout the world!