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Further to the article published on the 3rd of February 2011 (Egyptian Protests:- What are the Future Ramifications?):

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of Iran has stated that the upheaval in Egypt and Tunisia are signs of "Islamic Awareness" in the countries, and has made direct comparisons with the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution, which transformed the once fairly free and peaceful Persia, which had good relations with the West, into the hard-line Islamic state of today's Iran. (Associated Press, via MSNBC)

Khamenei also stated that Egypt's friendship with America and Israel have made it "the biggest enemy of Palestine and turned it into the greatest refuge for Zionists ... This explosion we see among the people of Egypt is the appropriate response to this great betrayal that the traitor dictator committed against his people,"

The foreign relations between Obama's Administration and Israel are at perhaps their frostiest ever, with America being altogether less friendly towards its old ally. The decision of Obama to support the Islamic Brotherhood over America's other historic ally in the Middle East: President Mubarak, paint a bleak picture of the future politics of the region, particularly from Israel's standpoint.


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