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“Courts should have done more to protect Christians affected by equality laws, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has said. In a significant development, the commission says judges have interpreted laws too narrowly, and set the bar too high for Christians to prove discrimination.

The commission also thinks employers should do more to “reasonably accommodate” employees with religious beliefs – just like they do with disabled staff.” (Christian Institute, 12 July 2011 (EHRC, 11 July 2011)

“Four British Christians with religious discrimination claims at the European Court of Human Rights have been backed by the UK's equality watchdog. The claimants include an airline worker who was prevented from wearing a cross and a relationship counsellor who refused to deal with gay couples. The Equality and Human Rights Commission said judges had interpreted equality law "too narrowly". This made it difficult for employers to protect freedom of religion, it added.” (BBC, 12 July 2011)

Good news, yes - thank the Lord. But - it's not only the Courts that have failed Christians, so have church leaders for not speaking out, so have politicians for ignoring the cries of those persecuted by the stealth agenda of the 'homosexual human rights' movement. The PM has failed us, the Home Office has failed us, the Equalities Office has failed us and all those forcing the ECHR agenda to criminalise and silence Christians, to take away their human rights and force them into the closet. There should be recompense for those forced out of their places of employment; for those denied the right to foster; for those deceitfully targeted by homosexuals, fined, intimidated and discriminated against in their family business. It's disgraceful - the Courts and politicians should be ashamed at what they have unleashed on our nation.

I repeat below my comments to the homosexual MP for my constituency, Conor Burns:

"It is clear that victims of gross discrimination by our Coalition Government and judiciary are those who follow Biblical beliefs and refuse to be complicit in allowing sexual immorality into their homes and businesses. The Bulls and the Johns are to be commended on their brave stand. What is the nature of a government that can ignore such heartless and wicked treatment of those who serve their risen and coming again Saviour? How can the judges escape retribution for slandering Christian beliefs? School children are also being coerced to accept LGBT lifestyles. How long do we intend to suffer unaccountable radical activists invading schools, to rob children of their childhood, to hijack the curriculum and to sexualise and indoctrinate children against their parents moral beliefs? Freedom of open debate and freedom to express religious beliefs, without fear of infringing so-called hate laws, is a basic human right."

Why don't politicians understand that once they mess with the family, redefine marriage, sexualise society, and introduce draconian laws, that society will fall apart? Why doesn't the Government understand that once they take away people's freedom of religion and give rights to sexual promiscuity/deviancy, they create a hostile environment? Where is their accountability?

Thank the Lord for those Christian organisations that are standing against this onslaught and prepared to go all the way to the European Court. They need our support.

© 12 July 2011

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