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Why are we issuing a lot of articles and notes on the current Hamas-Israel war to our subscribers?

We do it because it is pressed upon us to do so, by conscience and by Holy Spirit prompting.

You are watching history and end-times prophecy in action.

The battles have gone on for some years, but this present conflict is different, particularly with the rise of ISIS, whose activities and aims are even more bloody than that of Hamas, but with whom they wish to join, if not take-over. We are seeing the beginning of the last days and so the war should be of particular interest to all who follow and take heed of God's word.

We are also concerned that all Christians should learn to gather proper knowledge based not on propaganda but on truth. It is our view that Christians MUST be people of truth, no matter what the issue or subject is. We should always be a people others can look to for genuine knowledge and views. If it was shown that Israel was at fault, we would say so... but such fault is clearly in the hands of Hamas and those who support them.

Sadly, some Christians are being hoodwinked and deluded by propaganda and give grossly misplaced sympathy to the people of Gaza, whose complicity is obvious. We would say that such a situation would never have arisen in the time of king David, or even Samuel. They would never have been deceived by propaganda! Nor would they lend support or sympathy to such a vicious and constant enemy. Indeed, they would have been likened to the old enemy, the Philistines. The hatred of these outside enemies has not changed, even in the past 3-4000 years! What we are seeing today is just a continuation of this ancient wickedness.

If Christians do not form a proper and logical observation of what they now see, then their actions and sympathies will certainly be hijacked by propaganda... and many prove this to be so.

As such their 'prayers' on behalf of the evildoers (Hamas and the people) are rejected by God.

And if their minds and hearts are stolen by Satan for this purpose, they will be a hidden fifth-column against Israel and truth. And if they cannot distinguish truth in this warfare, they certainly cannot be trusted to come to ANY true conclusions about ANY subject.

We will continue to issue such material until we are prompted not to.

And please (This is a repeat of a repeat) do not assume we are just Zionists or that we think Israel is incapable of wrong. The fact is plain – we see, staring us in the face, the evil of Hamas and the complicity of Gaza people, whose hatred for Israel is supreme and taught by the PLO. The reason some Christians cannot see the same things is that they prefer to be deluded because of their presuppositions concerning Israel and the supposed 'suffering' of the people of Gaza. The Gaza people bring it upon themselves.