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"At last, equality police decide Christians DO have rights to follow beliefs." (Daily Mail 12 July 2011)

The Equality and Human Rights Commission EHRC) have now conceded that Christians may disagree with gay equality rules!

About time - the rules should never have been made in the first place!

The Commission now says that the vicious attacks on Christians just for wearing crosses, refusing to give sex therapy, etc., should never have been made.

Does this, then, allow Christians to take them to court as a counter-claim??

I do not advocate court as a way of life, but it is about time Christians showed atheistic God-haters and homosexuals that they can't get away with it. And as is so often the case hitting them in the pocket usually works!

Yet, the same EHRC were behind the awful attacks on the bed and breakfast couple who refused a room to a pair of homosexual men.

I hope that Christian advocate groups now go back to the EHRC and demand compensation for lost income and stress.

The EHRC now says that judges need no longer use the "chill factor" against Christians. This is really farcical, because it was the Government and its henchman, the EHRC that urged them to act in that way! Of course, they are now worried because Christians are taking four test cases to the EU law courts, because of the way Christians have been deliberately targeted.

The decisions made by loud-mouthed judges are now on the line, and I hope they are severely trounced for their hatred.

(We cannot say they made proper legal decisions, when they clearly did not!). The Commission also says judges have "set the bar too high" for Christians to prove their case when all a homosexual has to say is that he or she has been 'upset'!

Now, we must push hard to rid the country of pro-gay laws that hit Christians hard simply for having Christian beliefs.

© 12 July 2011

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