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For what it's worth (and it won't be worth much to ecumenicals and pro-Muslims)... I believe the sudden rush of Muslims into the West has been engineered, possibly by the EU and probably by ISIS (to get its operatives where they can do further damage).

The picture of Germans clapping and hooting in delight as Muslims leave a railway station to join Germany's existing Muslim population that hates the West cannot be anything but Marxist or Fascist. The West will soon be economically dead.

You will note that these Muslim masses violently opposed refusal of entry into Europe and ignored police. Significantly, they travelled through a number of countries to reach Hungary and then Germany. NOT the actions of oppressed minorities! Not that of genuine refugees! Also note that NOT ONE Muslim country has taken in Syrian refugees! Yet, they insist that Israel MUST take them in!! They are the actions of arrogant Muslims who want to rule the world!

Now, each EU country is being forced to take thousands of these illegals. There will be no essential security checks. Only emotional cries to take in these 'poor refugees' who had a lot of money just to get as far as they did, and who 'only want a better life'!! OF COURSE they do – on the backs of hard-working Westerners who do not have the same privileges.

And when they get there they riot and ignore the law of the land. Then, as a reward, the EU takes them in.

Take it for granted – Muslims now see that all they have to do is act illegally and fight!

The reward is capitulation by the authorities, on order of their EU fascist masters, who are part of the One World organisation. The result will be an oppressive, murdering western Islamic state covering all of Europe... The Ottomans (now re-established in Turkey) have won.

These are perilous times. The end is truly coming.

Also see (Culture Watch, 7 September 2015) an under the headlines exposé of the migrant agenda and the refusal of Arabian countries to accept the covert migrant actions of ISIS.