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The latest scare story calling for us to stay in the EU is from ten Labour held city councils. They say that they will lose future EU funding for infrastructure projects if we leave.

Apart from the fact that ALL Labour held councils lose money by spending unnecessarily, let me put this in perspective...

If I give ten pounds every week to a bank, and that bank gives me five pounds every week, and I say I must stay in the bank because otherwise I will lose five pounds a week... what
would you say?

The UK gets back from the EU less than we pay in. So, to stay in is to pay in much more to get back much less! That is, we are staying in so that we can fund our own projects!

EU money is OUR money, not the EUs. It comes from OUR taxes. If we leave we just divert what we foolishly give to the EU, to our own projects and there would be no deficit!!

So far the arguments for staying in have been vague or nonsense, and all guesswork.

Another factor... there are many ‘cash cows’ that drain the UK of cash. The money we spend on picking up illegal migrants from the Mediterranean is one such cost. Migrant smugglers say they are making even more money, because our navy picks up migrants from dodgy boats and takes them to Europe! If they took them back to their starting point, it would make sense.

But, as it is, smugglers send these people out on even worse boats, knowing that the Navy will pick them up anyway. And, the more people we take to Europe the greater the dangers from
them, because they are Muslims. This is yet another drain of cash we pay to the EU. There are many more cash drains to the EU, hidden and kept from the people. 

(As for the migrants, we are told that they ‘must be desperate’ to risk life and limb to get here. Nonsense! Watch those police programmes on TV. There, criminals drive recklessly, and some are killed when they crash. They do it regardless of risk because they can only see the end goal – unlimited cash from their criminal activities! Migrants will take the risks because they know they will
be given unlimited benefits for doing nothing – far more than they could get at home. They are not ‘desperate’, only greedy. If they are poor, let their Islamic leaders help them.)

Cameron wants us to stay shackled to the EU as slaves of a post-Hitler fascist regime. If people still cannot see what this will mean for the future, then I will wonder what intelligence is for.

Indeed, I find it incredible that very few people bother to examine what is being said and are quite willing to remain in a toxic socialist environment for the sake of a perceived handout.

I would rather be in a free UK than in a totalitarian super-state, even if it means less money.