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No, we don’t want to be in the EU and we want a leader who is tough.

But, it seems Theresa May has made a big mistake by saying that EU nationals who live here may not be able to when we leave. (The Telegraph, 4 July 2016)

This is nonsense.

What we do NOT want are those nationals who come here just for the benefits, or those who are unskilled and unemployable. In the UK there are many who have regular jobs and even successful businesses.

These can stay.

C’mon politicians – speed up and get us out NOW. Stop paying into EU coffers and use the money for our own country.

Readers should put big pressure on their MPs.

As I have already said, the prophet Zephaniah speaks to us today. Unwillingness to obey God led to destruction. We now have this opportunity to regain freedom. But we must act fast.