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Mass Migration into the UK

Last year a staggering 330,000 migrants entered the UK. (Daily Mail, 27 May 2016)

(A figure that is ‘missing’ 50,000 migrants, due to massaging of numbers). 77,000 of the EU migrants came though they had no jobs to come to.

The rest were Muslims – no jobs, no skills, but plenty of hatred towards us.

Those who come without jobs expect, and get, huge helps... benefits and everything free.

The numbers keep on rising, because David Cameron is afraid to act. Why should he care?

When he leaves office he hopes to get a job with the EU. And he’s a millionaire who lives very far away from migrants! Added to this, many Tories are now completely contradicting their previous statements about migration.

Meanwhile, Osborne and Tory cronies are giving it all they’ve got to scare the people into a ‘remain’ vote. Those annoying TV interviews and panels show a scant understanding of the whole picture, the scary prospect of staying in. And those who speak for the government only give a long trail of guesses and assumptions, not proven facts.

More and more migrants are being fished out of the Mediterranean as they aim specifically for Northern Europe. The real answer is to simply return them to North Africa and NOT to bring them
into Europe. I feel sorry for the babies and children – but that is no reason to swamp our country with Muslims. I am not concerned with the nationality of these migrants... but with their pseudo-religion, one that hates the West and wishes us dead. The more migrants Europe takes in the greater the future numbers who will come!! Almost a million are poised to take to boats
in Libya. And THAT’S just the recent figure. More will take their place.

Let me put it this way – even if readers don’t care about allowing Muslims into the UK... Taxpayers fund all social benefits. If 50% of all recipients of benefits have no jobs, houses, or any
other return-benefit to the UK, then it means that those hard-earned taxes will be stretched 50% MORE. The larger the number of migrants becomes (from ANY country) the LESS the taxes will cover.

Invariably, this also means that taxpayers who OUGHT to receive benefits will not get them, because migrants are given preferential treatment. The more migrants we receive, the lower sinks our
living standards. Currently, everything supplied by government (that is, our taxes) is being cut.

At the same time the EU is demanding we build thousands more houses a year to cope!! 

Over the channel, the French admit that their country is “on the brink of anarchy”


As usual French port workers are rioting... now add the chaos of Calais jungle to that! it is said that British tourists who cross the channel are likely to be stopped on motorways by lines of burning tyres.

The French transport system has almost ground to a halt, as the socialist government causes mayhem.

Socialism is one of the best killers of work and peace known to man! Petrol stations are now out of fuel, nuclear power stations have been blockaded, along with entry to nuclear submarines. And there’s more!!

France, one of the agitators against the ‘Brexit’ scenario has said, is now a “febrile swamp”. For the life of me I don’t understand why anyone would want to move to France. It is a mess. Those tranquil areas so loved by holiday makers will not be that way for long.

A poster has been put on billboards, showing a skinhead threatening a little old Indian lady. The skinhead is supposed to represent all of us who wish to leave the EU. This is the kind of racism used by those who wish to remain (to line their own pockets). The REAL issues include growing fascism, hundreds of laws and policies detrimental to the UK, millions of migrants, who offer nothing but trouble, a total change in British values and tradition, the murder of Christianity by Muslims... do I need to go on?

Sadly, British farmers, who cannot manage their farms because of the EU, are paid-off through the infamous ‘CAP’ route, subsidising their efforts. Unfortunately, the same CAP payments support a vast number of very bad farmers throughout the EU.

This is a mindset that should be removed.

Devious EU will create an EU army to fight their own people

This is how devious the EU is... and cameron, who knows about it!.... (The Times, 27th May 2016)

The UK would be told THE DAY AFTER OUR VOTE of the final plans to create an EU army.

While Britain cuts its forces dramatically, the EU is taking our money to build its own army.

Will it rival the UN ‘peacekeepers’ whose very presence sparks worse atrocities, as they join-in the violence?

Of course, behind all this is – Germany. Do you trust Merkel and Germany? I do not – it smacks too much of Hitler’s dramatic rise in power and the way he built his forces under the noses of the British.

Again, this is not xenophobia – it is just plain fact.

Britain vetoed the idea five years ago, but the EU has now made sure that a group of just nine countries can overcome any future veto. Is this not blatant fascism, totalitarian design? This began proper in 2009 and has been brewing secretly since then. The EU speaks of having an army to deal with unrest, etc. BUT IT IS THE EU THAT HAS CAUSED IT!! By bringing millions of Muslim migrants into Europe, they have guaranteed a looming civil unrest on top of Muslim disregard for Western laws, easily observed throughout Europe. And who do you think gets complete freedom to act criminally? Yes, Muslims. So, if an EU army is put to work, who do you think it will protect? No, not the ones who suffer, but those who commit atrocities – Muslims. It is already happening. THEY will be ‘protected’ from all those nasty Europeans who are attacked daily and only want to be free of thuggery.

Want a laugh? Theresa May has begun a year-long investigation into Sharia courts (which are illegal) to see if they treat women badly! Even women would refuse to challenge sharia and Muslim men!! The treatment of women is completely clear in the Koran, and in many statements made publicly by Islamic clerics. It has been seen on the streets of Europe. It is plentifully seen in internet videos. What a farce!! May is incredibly stupid.

I am constantly shaking my head over the ignorance shown by the UK over the EU, and Islam. It is because Christians are not ‘on the ball’ that we are stamped on daily by government and pressure groups. LEARN THE TRUTH!!

Vote to leave the EU. Is it now a matter of orthodoxy? Frankly, yes it is. No Christian can possibly vote to remain in an organisation that hates Christians, writes laws against us, protects foul lifestyles that create death on a large scale (both homosexuality and Islam), brings in Muslims to throttle us into submission, removes decent laws, makes business almost impossible for small owners, takes away our sovereignty (or, rather, it was given away by Heath et al).I could list so many reasons why Christians MUST vote to leave. But, I know that many are stiff-necked and will vote to remain in the ghetto made by the EU. If that happens and we stay, such ‘Christians’ will be the cause of much hatred towards us, and our demise. Of course, such words will be attacked, but we must face the fact that though Christians should love each other, they evidently do not.