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Christians need to buy a dictionary of socialist speak!

"Heads of state and government agree on the need for member states to establish a permanent crisis mechanism (bail-out fund) to safeguard the financial stability of the euro area as a whole and invite the president of the European Council to undertake consultations with the members of the European Council on a limited treaty change required to that effect," the draft conclusions of a two-day summit in Brussels read. (EUObserver, 28 October 2010)

Do you know what a 'bail-out' really is? It is another word for redistribution of wealth - a communist classic. It means taking cash from those who pay taxes to pay for the failure of other countries who have acted stupidly. But, more to the point, it spreads taxes to cover those who do not pay... a subtle but classic Marxist move. And that is why it must be resisted.

Also note, "European leaders have given way to German demands for a change to the European treaties (for the bail-out fund), but the procedure for the change and its size has been calculated explicitly to avoid the danger that it could provoke referendums in some EU states." (EUobserver, 29 October 2010)

See how explicitly the EU refuses to have referendums! Who do they think they are!!! They are given the 'right' to command us to act according to EU 'laws' but we have no right to object or to refuse!

© 1 November 2010

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