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BBC reports on 19 September 2012:

"Australian members of parliament have overwhelmingly rejected a bill that would have legalised gay marriages after days of heated debate.
The House of Representatives voted 98 to 42 against the bill, with one MP resigning a key post after making controversial comments against it.
Australia does not permit gay marriage, though some states allow civil unions."

(Also see Christian Voice 19 September 2012)

Will Cameron, Clegg and Miliband have the guts to stop their sycophantic behaviour to Stonewall and gay MP's and abandon thier plans to introduce Same-Sex-Marriage (SSM) with their agenda to force the acceptance and embrace of buggery by everyone including children in our schools?

MPs want all this because many have had homosexual experiences.

Clegg, has appologised once about tution fees, he and the other leaders need to admit they got it wrong about pushing forward the agenda for Same Sex Marriage and put homosexuality back in the closet.