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As I have shown before, Merkel and Germany are responsible for the massive influx of Muslim migrants into Europe. They are also responsible for silencing the media, police and governments, so they do not tell the truth about real incidents and effects of having these unwelcome migrants in Europe. It took a USA publication to report that migrants erupted into violence in Paris on Friday – the ‘official’ media in Europe simply said the Paris ‘camp’ was removed! This silencing of actual truth is rampant throughout Europe and even in the UK.

So, when the ‘official’ reports from the EU say that Germany is ‘suggesting’ stopping migrants at sea and to return them to Africa, we know it has finally seen the light, if only dimly (euobserver.com). Germany says it wants migrants to apply for asylum from Africa. What they do not say is that almost 90% of ALL Muslim migrants are economic migrants, and that according to international law, this makes them illegals. And how can ANY migrant prove he is an asylum seeker if he has thrown away his documents? It is not possible. The very fact that papers are disposed of proves he is illegal (according to international law).

Another fallacy is that Germany is concerned to stop people trafficking, and the deaths by drowning of these ‘poor people’. What? How can genuine asylum seekers pay for trafficking, when it costs many thousands to buy passage? And what about the fact that traffickers are being funded by USA groups, known to the CIA and FBI (and encouraged by Obama and Clinton)?

No, Germany is simply seeing sense. They don’t care about deaths or trafficking. Merkel just wants to gain a few points until the next German election... and then she can resume filling Europe with violent jihadis. Does Germany REALLY think Tunisia and Egypt want to genuinely sift through the real backgrounds to migrants? What a joke – they will want to send these people out of their own countries so they are not liable for the headache they cause! And get paid to do so by the EU.

As for saving migrants from drowning – Merkel is all too ready to allow a large percentage of them to live violently in Europe, killing and raping Europeans! Save them from drowning so they can wreak evil in the West? Great idea.

Some liberals say this is like the Australian process – any migrants found at sea are taken to camps on Pacific islands so they can be checked. Human rights fools say this is unreasonable as the camps are more like prisons. And so they should be! I have every sympathy with real asylum seekers, but as the vast majority are not genuine, prisons are the best option... they are illegals anyway.

As I have noted several times before, the EU official reports misrepresent the truth. They are lying. They happily mix terms that are very different, making sure that the uninitiated and ignorant cannot tell the difference. They insist on referring to the migrants as ‘asylum seekers’, when they have not even checked the details of each migrant. I will repeat the difference here:

To be an asylum seeker the person MUST prove beyond doubt that his or her life is personally in active danger. That is, an enemy is actually coming to get them in particular. It is not sufficient to say they are in a country at civil war. The danger must specifically aim at an individual. As far as we can tell the ONLY people who can thus be classified as asylum seekers are – Christians and the Yazidi. NOT Muslims.


Therefore, almost no migrants can claim to be asylum seekers. And, they must also be classed as ‘refugees’ (see my previous articles giving the details). It has been proved, even by German authorities, that nearly 90% of so-called ‘refugees’ have thrown away their papers, are fit young men, and are repulsive as human beings. The media photos and videos of ‘families’ with babies coming off boats is simply a set-up. There are almost no women or babies.


What European officers find is that almost all migrants are economic migrants, and so do not qualify for special status (which they claim anyway, because asylum seekers and refugees are fast-tracked, though without papers). Also, most do NOT come from Syria or from any country with mass war problems. They come from a few thousand miles away. The goal? To get state benefits! And as Britain pays out the most, but who do not bother to check the validity of claims, migrants prefer the UK as their host... and when they are hosted they go on to show their Islamic teeth, and create no-go areas throughout the UK. This is the real goal – ISIS caliphate and Islam-determined jihadi by birth and attacks on the host. Politicians deny it, but police on the ground acknowledge what is happening, and that they cannot enter predominantly Muslim areas with permission from Muslim, leaders! This is behind the Clinton and Obama promise to the USA.

The migrants are “seeking better lives” in wealthier countries. But, they offer nothing in return. All they want are state benefits. They cannot work because they are either work-shy or bereft of any kind of skills or qualifications. Thus, they are willing to put their own lives in danger, or to pay out many thousands to traffickers (something real asylum seekers cannot afford). The lifelong state benefits, which include free housing, vehicles, healthcare, education, etc., is well worth the gamble. And, of course, the mythical Islamic code of caring for the poor, shows how callous and unreal Islam is.

When Americans reach the polls, they must bear in mind that Obama began (and has not yet completed) plans to fill the USA with Islam. Clinton will carry on, and increase, this grave punishment of the people through sharia. Vote for Clinton and the death of a free USA is assured. Watch and learn from Europe, which has already died but doesn’t know it yet. This is not particularly about supporting Trump, it is about the stark challenge – freedom or Islam?