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Everything is now ‘post-Brexit’, which is either blamed or praised for all kinds of things.

Mostly blamed!

In a TV programme tonight, ‘Dispatches’ (Channel 4, 4 July 2016) claimed that low wages are being blamed on Brexit.


Big companies were starting to lower real wages way back five years ago!! Ask my youngest son.

They were also getting rid of older workers on full contracts to bring in under 25s, who were paid less and put on the infamous ‘zero hour’ contracts.

Also, last year when I heard of higher national wages coming in this year, I said that older workers would be sacked or not employed, and younger workers would be employed, paid less, and got rid of when they reached age 25. And hours would be cut. All of this happened before Brexit.

So, be careful what conclusions you come to – discover the real facts, and don’t panic about leaving the EU. Don’t listen to the Brexit moaners and groaners. Just get on with it!

However, the EU and MPs who wanted to remain will make everything more difficult for us.

The EU has already demanded about £12 BILLION from us (Daily Express, 4 July 2016). Our supposed ‘leader’ must just tell the EU “Get lost”. Cameron can’t leave us in the lurch out of spite. He is still the PM.

We MUST NOT give in to the EU on ANYTHING.

They must be told “HERE WE STAND!”

But, as we know, our MPs are all soft-bellied, EU-fattened sycophants. So we must kick-start them until they do what we say.