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A Daily Express poll found that a massive 98% want us out of the EU immediately.

They want us out NOW regardless of any negotiations for good deals, otherwise we will be locked in to EU fudging and demands for months if not years. As the newspaper says, Brexit was based on three major demands – no free movement being one of them. But, the EU insists we MUST accept free movement if we want to strike deals on trade. The answer by ANY real leader should be – “Get lost”.

The only migrants we want are non-Muslims who have jobs and homes to come to.

So, the poll says – “Forget talks with Brussels and quit now”! Can’t be clearer! (Express, 26 July 2016)

It means that people who want us out (including me) are saying, “We don’t care about struggling to get this or that deal – we just want OUT”. Don’t let the EU dictate to us about its policies – we are coming out and will not be tied to its stupidity and bad policies. As one commentator said, leaving the EU can be done in a matter of weeks by an Act of Parliament. SO GET ON WITH IT.

Another bit of news is that the reverse of ‘remain’ arguments has come about – the lowering of mortgage rates, the biggest reduction in history! I advise readers not to listen to the various moans on the news – much depends on WHICH index is used. For decades each government has manipulated finance news by using whichever index suits them at the time. Invariably, if they compared to the OTHER indices, the news would be very different! This is why they use them... not to elucidate, but to confuse or cover-up.

The Munich Killer

The EU continues to hide truth from voters. That young man who killed and then bombed himself, WAS linked to ISIS according to latest news!! He hated the fact that Germany denied his asylum requests, especially after his mental health was questioned. How many times must it be said – Islam itself causes mental disturbances and gross character changes. This is VERY evident in all Islamic bloodbaths – how normal is it to slit a person’s throat???